K.I.I.S… let’s just practise it a few times

“Kyle, they tell me you keep forgetting what station you’re on… We wanted to come on to remind you you’re on KIIS.

“Let’s just say it a few times… Good morning this is KIIS, Hello it’s KIIS…”

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest and co-host Ellen, live from the original KIIS FM in LA, Kyle Sandilands was teased for getting the KIIS callsign wrong twice in his first week on air.

Responding, Kyle told Seacrest:

“You know I lived over there in LA a few years and I always though I’d love to say ‘You’re on KIIS,’ but now I get the chance and I start dropping other station names, it’s ridiculous.”

KIIS LA is part of the Clear Channel network, a part owner of Australian Radio Network. The iconic Seacrest is now heard each weeknight on KIIS.

Listen to the whole entertainment report here. Seacrest’s Kyle jibes are at the 5 minute point.


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