Kinderling Kids Radio teams up with Alexa

Kinderling Kids Radio today launched two new skills for Amazon Alexa in Australia & New Zealand, ‘Bedtime Explorers’ – a guided meditation and mindfulness series for kids and ‘Kinderling Kids News’ with Groovy Ruby.

Children and families will be able to instantly connect with two of Kinderling’s most loved shows. 
Managing Director of The Parent Brand, Lorna Clarkson, said Kinderling is thrilled to be at the forefront of this new and innovative approach aimed at connecting families with useful and interesting content.
“Alexa presents an enormous opportunity for safe, screen-free entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together. And as a technology driven by an informal and intuitive language – it is perfect as a child-led experience. In the same way that Kinderling Kids Radio is tailored to a family’s routine, these two new Alexa Skills are geared around a typical family day – providing up-beat entertainment in the morning with a song and a joke in our daily flash briefing; and then offering a choice of mindfulness exercises to help calm down the energy before bedtime.”

More programming and functionality is in the pipeline.
Kinderling’s skills for Alexa include:

  1. Bedtime Explorers
    Imaginative meditative journeys for children guided by mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, and calming sound design by Max Gosford. Each Bedtime Explorer episode invites children on an imaginative journey, teaching them easy-to-learn meditation techniques to help them fall asleep or just relax.
  2. Kinderling Kids Radio News

Groovy Ruby invites kids to join her each day for a giggle, a think and a dance. Kinderling Kids Radio News in designed just for kids offering content that is engaging, educational and always entertaining!
Kinderling’s Amazon Alexa skills can be enabled via the following steps:
1. Visit (make sure you are logged in)
2. Go to settings and activate “Kid Skills”
3. Search ‘Bedtime Explorers’ or ‘Kinderling Kids News’
3. Click ‘enable’. The skill will now be instantly available on your connected device
4. Now, just say to your Alexa-enabled device, “Alexa, play Bedtime Explorers” or”Alexa, what’s my news?”, it’s that simple!


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