Kyle & Jackie O’s ‘Give or Take’

Would you let a stranger walk away with $5000 when it could be all yours?

In a tear-jerking, nail-biting segment of ‘Give or Take’, Kyle & Jackie O asked that very question of two complete strangers, Ashleigh and Kate, who both openly explained they desperately needed the money for their family, with surprising results.

Ashleigh is a 27-year-old wife and mum with two boys aged 4 and 1. Her family moved to Sydney from New Zealand eight years ago to make a better life. Her husband had an accident at work a few years ago which has affected their income, so in general finances are tight but they get by.

Ashleigh’s father, and her hero, died suddenly from a heart attack on 25 April. To fly back for the funeral the family had to put the flights on credit which they couldn’t afford. They are now in a position where they can’t pay it back and she is struggling to keep it together for the family.

She also promised her mum that she would visit again in a few months to make sure she is okay but doesn’t know how to make it happen, let alone dealing with her grief for her Dad.

Kate was out walking with her daughter and two sons and the family’s new puppy when she was randomly found by KIIS 1065 and offered the opportunity to play ‘Give or Take’. In an emotional chat with Kyle & Jackie O, Kate revealed she only had $8 in her bank account and despite working on weekends and in the evening as a cleaner at her daughter’s preschool, finances for the family are tight. The family is facing their electricity being disconnected among other mounting bills while their eldest son needs braces, which they have been putting off until they save money.

Kate was given 24 hours to make the heart wrenching decision – give the money to Ashleigh or keep the $5000 for herself.

After a long discussion with her family, Kate admitted that even moments before she had to announce her decision on air she still was in two minds about what to do. She felt the right thing to do was to give Ashleigh the money, saying that she wanted to set a good example for her children who also suggested the money should go to Ashleigh.

So moved by the gesture of goodwill unfolding before their eyes, and unable to split the money due to strict competition rules, Kyle & Jackie O decided to give Kate $5000 from their own pocket.