Lehmo’s Valentines Day date… with sharks

Diving for a diamond necklace. Don’t get eaten.


Gold FM’s Brig and Lehmo will broadcast their breakfast show live from Melbourne Aquarium tomorrow, Valentines Day.
Brigitte Duclos and the newly engaged Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann want to share the love and give one of their Gold 104.3 listeners the chance to win a diamond necklace this Valentine’s Day.

There is only one catch…they must dive for it, with sharks.
Three lucky listeners and Lehmo will dive at Melbourne Aquarium where the show will broadcast live from 6 – 9am this Thursday, 14th February.  Lehmo will also broadcast live while underwater as the listeners search for the $4000 Holloway diamond necklace.
Lehmo will come face-to-face with Grey Nurse Sharks, Seven Gill Sharks, Giant Stingrays, sea turtles and hundreds of exotic fish inside Melbourne Aquarium’s 2.2 million litre oceanarium.
Lehmo says: “I’m happy to spend the morning with the sharks and I suspect they’ll be a little friendlier than Brig! As for me, I like to think I’m an old romantic 365 days a year, so no extra effort is required on Valentine’s Day. My fiancé Kel would possibly beg to differ, but my recent proposal has put sufficient credits in the love bank so I reckon I don’t have to do a thing this year!”
“Nothing says Valentine’s Day like diamonds but I’m worried the sharks will have their worst valentine’s date ever with Lehmo in their tank,” Brig told radioinfo.  “Now that Kelly (Lehmo’s fiancé) has her ring, she was quite happy for Lehmo to take a dive. He’ll be fine, he’s used to talking underwater!”
The king of cupid’s, Perfect Match’s Greg Evans and childhood sweethearts, Kerrie and Craig the Victorian couple from My Kitchen Rules will join Brig & Lehmo on the show.  Plus to get everyone in the mood for love Vika Bull will perform a song live ahead of the world premiere of her new show At Last: The Etta James Story at The Athenaeum Theatre.