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Linda Marigliano and Gen Fricker are the latest to leave triple j

Tuesday 19 November, 2019
Linda Marigliano : photo credit Daniel Boud

triple j Mornings presenter Linda Marigliano will be leaving at the end of this year.
Linda has been a triple j mainstay for 10 years, originally starting out on triple j Lunch and Drive with Scott Dools.
When she returned to the station in 2012, Linda was an instrumental force in creating the format for triple j’s new release program Good Nights, which she hosted before moving over to Mornings in 2018.
Her outstanding music expertise saw her develop and host the chart-topping Inspired podcast series, telling the stories behind the songs.
Linda has been a dynamic strength at the station’s broadcasts for Splendour in the Grass, One Night Stand and Hottest 100 countdowns and a witty, inventive presenter for ABC TV and iview, including hosting the documentary series What is Music and live music TV show The Set.
In 2020 Linda will continue to be a part of ABC TV.

Linda says, ‘I feel overwhelmed with joy and genuine love for this station that has been my family for so many years. It’s more than music, it’s a real connection with the people around us. It’s an identity that we are lucky enough to be a part of with every single show, with every record that excites us and with every listener that calls up, shares stories and makes me laugh like a maniac because they feel like my best friend. Thank you for having me. It’s been f**king beautiful.’   

triple j will also bid a fond farewell to Gen Fricker, who has brought music and comedy to the nation for five years now.

Gen started out as a solo presenter, before teaming up with Kyran Wheatley on Weekend Arvos and then moving to triple j Lunch, getting the party started on Friday arvos with Friday Mix, teamed up with Lewis on triple j Drive.

She moves on to focus on her career as a comedian which has seen her sell out shows around the country.

Gen says ‘I’m honoured to have spent the last five years talking absolute garbage with some of my best friends, favourite artists, and the greatest listeners in the world. It breaks my heart to leave, but I will be forever grateful for the chance to be a (small) part of such an iconic institution. To everyone who’s tuned in, texted or just enjoyed my general dickheadedry: thank you.’

                                                                Gen Fricker :photo credit Daniel Boud
​As announced yesterdayTom Tilley is wrapping up after an incredible eight-year innings as the host of triple j’s youth issues and current affairs program, Hack.

triple j’s 2020 presenter line-up will be announced tomorrow.




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Anthony The Koala
19 November 2019 - 1:37pm
Here is a general observation of former JJJ presenters and a remark.

Generally, today's JJJ presenters are tomorrow's metropolitan ABC (examples 702 ABC (2BL), 774 ABC (3LO), 666 ABC(2CN)) or RN presenters. Some are recruited to other aspects of the ABC or go to other stations. Some are leave the media and take a new direction.

I have noticed that there are no JJJ presenters from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. If the presenters can do their work and are up-to-date in youth issues, one wonders if a JJJ presenter's contract is not renewed on the basis of age, and if so, isn't there a case for age discrimination, section 18, Age Discrimination Act (Cth), no 41, .The legal proviso is that the Act came in force from 2004.

Nevertheless, even though the Act came in force in 2004, it is still unfair for those presenters who left JJJ because of age.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield

Long Time Listener
19 November 2019 - 3:46pm
Not sure I agree Anthony The Koala...

Myf Warhurst does national Local Radio afternoons
Zan Rowe does Mornings on Double J
Lindsay MacDougall does Local Radio in Wollongong
Marc Fennell on RN does Download this Show
Simon Marnie does Sydney Weekend Mornings

Quite a few more out there, but that's just off the top of my head.
Anthony The Koala
19 November 2019 - 5:34pm
Dear Long Time Listener,
I hope you've read my response fully especially the first paragraph, that today's JJJ presenters are either metropolitan or RN presenters or go to other aspects of the ABC. For example the late Chris Winter went to local radio and helped the establishment of ABC2.

What have Myf Warhurst, Zan Rowe, Lindsay MacDougall, Marc Fennell and Simon Marnie have in common? They're not on JJJ anymore! JJ is for "older listeners" as in Zan Rowe's situation and the others have gone either to other parts of the ABC such as a metropolitan station as in Myf Warhurst, and Simon Marnie or RN as in Marc Fennell who is also seen on SBS. I also count Wollongong as a metropolitan/regional market where Lindsay MacDougall is presenting.

Therefore my observations over a long period are correct that today's JJJ presenters are tomorrow's ABC metropolitan/regional or RN or other aspects of the ABC or in other media as in Catriona Rowntree. Let's not forget Holger Brockmann who went from JJJ to commercial radio and back to ABC. News Radio.

Why they JJJ presenters don't last longer does raise another question. Did they leave on their own accord to go other places or if they had the capability to present for a youth-oriented station, were they discriminated against based on age.

I hate to be starting off at JJJ in my early 20s thinking one had a job for a long time then reach the age of 35. Would I be 'kicked out' or contract is not renewed because of age?

That is the question.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
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