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Matt & Meshel's 10 Grand Jury kicks off

Wednesday 27 April, 2016
KIIS 101.1 with Matt & Meshel have launched a social experiment like no other.
Six people are locked in a jury room, with $10,000 on the table, and all they need to do is reach a unanimous decision as to who gets the lot, while the rest leave with nothing.
Matt & Meshel’s 10 Grand Jury launched yesterday morning, and Melbourne is watching through a live Facebook stream to see how they behave and what tactics they use to convince everyone to award them the cash. The live feed is on each morning on Facebook.
The six jurors are:

  • Charlotte – wants to travel to Mexico to represent Australia in the world Triathlon games.
  • Matthew – wants to buy a caravan to travel around Australia BUT says he will lie to win the cash, and has told the jury his home has just burnt down.
  • Rodney – wants to spend the money on a dream wedding. His family have financially cut him off because he wants to marry a Muslim girl.
  • Sharon – wants to create an educational platform to implement into primary schools to combat bullying.
  • Summer – wants to pay off her university studies after being kicked out of home for coming out as a lesbian.
  • Wendy – wants to travel home to the UK to see her dying father.

The six jurors are locked in a Melbourne hotel for 23 hours a day, and return to KIIS 101.1 for just one hour each morning to debate it out, plead their case, and reach a unanimous decision. That our is the only interaction they have.


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