Meshel Laurie is not happy with this celebrity reporter

A war of words has broken out between KIIS 101’s Meshel Laurie and Celebrity Reporter Peter “Fordie” Ford (pictured).

The breakfast announcer reportedly blocked Fordie from her Twitter account recently after he asked her a question following complaints by Meshel about Sonia Kruger.
‘Have you told her how you feel or do you just play it out on Twitter’
“It was an honest question. First thing I’d ever say to anyone who tells me they’re angry with someone. – ‘what did they say when you told them’”, Fordie told radioinfo’s Kim Napier.
“We had an interchange and she blocked me. No big deal.”
The reporter then took the traditional route to sort the issue out which didn’t appear to wash with Meshel.

“I write to people in the industry every day of the week, in fact I wrote to Meshel a few months back to congratulate her on the work she did raising funds for abuse survivors to get to Rome. I’m not sure what the actual complaint is,” said Fordie.

I have to back Fordie up on that.

He was a regular guest on Heart 107.3’s Kim and Dave Show and would often send cards. I kept this he sent me as we both spoke to each other about our interest in collecting cool cards and postcards.

“… I dropped her the note just out of courtesy. Sooner or later you run into people and I don’t like bad blood. I wanted her to know I have great respect for her most especially in relation to that.
“I certainly have no intention of wasting money on another stamp for her!”

           Kim Napier

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