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The Next Billion Seconds Cryptonomics - a new podcast

Monday 27 August, 2018

Bitcoin, Blockchain and the new world of cryptofinance is demystified in the new PodcastOne series, 

Bitcoin’s bubble has burst, but the world of cryptocurrencies - and the ‘blockchain’ technology that powers them - is here to stay. That world has been shrouded in deep-tech speak by experts holding the secrets to this new economy.
Futurist, inventor and award-winning podcaster Mark Pesce shines a light into this new world of CYRPTONOMICS - where everything involving money is changing.
“It’s vitally important for everyone - not just bankers and boffins - to understand this new world of finance, investing and money. CRYPTONOMICS gives listeners the tools they need to understand this new world. This is the 101 for everyone,” says Pesce.
Across five episodes CRYPTONOMICS listeners learn the basics of the blockchain, the bonanza of Bitcoin and what it says about how money works in the 21st century.
The business of blockchain is already transforming agribusiness, energy, even gaming, finding its way into every part of our daily lives, while from the cutting edge we’re seeing “smart contracts’, computer code blending with cryptocurrencies to create ‘smart money’ - money that thinks for itself!
Pesce is joined on CRYPTONOMICS by experts using this powerful new technology to solve age-old business problems - such as ensuring farmers get paid on time for their crops. These business successes give listeners a window onto a world where every part of our lives has been touched by blockchain technologies.
Cryptocurrency pioneer Mark Jeffery- who recently launched his own cryptocurrency to power a ‘distributed 9-1-1’ service - says “CRYPTONOMICS dispels the crypto-mysticism that’s made this tech breakthrough seem impossibly hard. It’s not hard, it’s just new - but Pesce makes the new feel familiar, even friendly.” 
“People believe in cryptocurrencies”, Pesce says, “But belief is a lousy investment strategy. CRYPTONOMICS listeners learn the questions they need to ask before they make a risky investment. They’ll learn how to make the world of blockchain work for them -- and their children. Money is changing - let’s get ready for that new world!”
Available August 27th on - via the PodcastOne App - or search THE NEXT BILLION SECONDS CRYPTONOMICS on Apple podcasts.
About Mark Pesce:
Mark Pesce is a futurist, inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and podcaster. In 1994 Pesce co-invented VRML, a 3D interface to the Web. Pesce was a judge on ABC’s series The New Inventors, celebrating Australia’s newest inventions, and writes an award-winning column for global tech publication The Register.
Pesce hosts several podcasts, including This Week in Startups Australia; and The Next Billion Seconds- winner of the Best Technical and Scientific Podcast of 2018 - offering a window into the world of tomorrow. Pesce has written six books, including The Playful WorldVRML: Browsing and Building Cyberspace, and Hyperpolitics, and founded postgraduate programs at both USC and AFTRS, holding appointments as Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney, and Honorary Adjunct at UTS.

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