No, you weren’t hallucinating when you saw that giant thong on the motorway today

Fitzy & Wippa have a long-held dream…to restore the giant thong made famous by Kylie Minogue during the Sydney 2000 Olympics. But, fourteen years later, it proved to be quite a challenge for the boys.

Today, their dreams have come to fruition and the giant thong was revealed, completely restored, and it even scored a roadtrip down Sydney’s M4 motorway all the way to Panthers in Penrith. And trust us, it was a sight to behold.

A reminder – Kylie Minogue peformed in the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics by riding into the arean on a giant thong, surrounded by singing prawns.

The Nova breakfast hosts latest stunt included a rebook of the Sisqo classic, ‘Thong Song’, expect yes, he want referring to a thong, shoe, but a thong undie. Perhaps it was thought that transporting a giant thong underwear might cause traffic chaos?

When Fitzy & Wippa first located the giant thong, it was slightly rotted and in need of complete restoration. They found it in the backyard of it’s owner, Cyril, who also lives in Penrith.

They asked their listeners for help and received plenty of offers, thank goodness, because it was a huge task.

Check out the amazing restoration here.