Nova slidestreet brings summer backyard tradition to capital cities

Inspired by memories of our childhood, Slidestreet and Nova are bring giant slippery-slides to Australian cities.

The station’s Slidestreet promo takes the very Australian backyard summer tradition of a few sheets of plastic, detergent and a hose to the next level. Slidestreet is a 315 metre pop up inflatable slip’n’slide, as long as two AFL ovals back to back and offers adrenalin-pumping slip-sliding fun.

Slidestreet premiered in Australia down the heart of the Perth Central Business District last month, wowing participants and spectators alike. In partnership with entertainment company  Nova, it’s now time for the rest of the country to have a go.

After months of development and liaison with various councils, Nova has announced that Nova Slidestreet will be the first organisation with 100% council approval to activate in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

With the location requirements ranging from busy streets to iconic landmarks, Nova Slidestreet will be popping up at;

  • Bartels Road, Adelaide –Sunday 18th January
  • Lansdowne Street at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne – Saturday 24th January
  • Parkes Drive, Centennial Park, Sydney – Monday 26th January (Australia Day)

Tony Thomas, NOVA Entertainment Group Marketing Director said: “Nothing is more Australian than a slip ‘n’ slide and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate summer than providing massive scale to an Aussie tradition. Nova listeners love summer and Nova Slidestreet brings together all the best parts of being Australian – live music, fun in sun, great food and hanging out with mates. We were thrilled to partner with Slidestreet to be the first to put on this type of event in three capital cities.”

Slidestreet organisers are aware of the devastating bushfires affecting those in the Adelaide Hills and are working closely with Office of the Premier to determine the best way in which to donate part proceeds to those affected.

After these dates, Slidestreet will return to Perth and Fremantle.

Interest from councils across the country has been pouring in with requests to bring Slidestreet to their community. Talks are underway with representatives from Brisbane to Karratha, to Fraser Island and even Japan!

Nova Slidestreet is a slide that’s more than a ride. The event will offer food trucks, a live broadcast from Nova, refreshing icy summer treats, DJs, pop up bars (where approved) and much more to keep you entertained all day. You don’t have to slide to enjoy the fun – spectators are encouraged to head down and check out the action.
The event appears and vanishes within 24 hours, leaving only fond memories of a truly unique experience. One day, you’ll be sliding down the street in your boardies and the next, it’s back to peak hour and deadlines.

Slidestreet is very conscious of the issues surrounding water use in Australia and therefore strives to be efficient and responsible with our fair country’s water. The event organisers pay local authorities to access water equivalent to 300 average showers, which will be circulated and reused throughout the slide during the course of the day.

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