“Page 13 is sick and tired of the PR spin” from ARN

Like casino’s aren’t there to make punters rich, station PR people aren’t there to deliver news – not of the real juicy kind. They’re employed by the radio station to get free advertising on news outlets. 

But Page 13 (subscription required) seems pretty peed off by ARN, this morning  saying in Melbourne’s Herald Sun, “No matter what spin radio bosses try to put on it, Jane Hall has been dumped while the single mother is on holidays... Page 13 is sick and tired of the PR spin and can reveal what really happens behind the scenes, and it ain’t pretty.No kidding sherlock!

To be fair, News Corp’s readers are not broadcast professionals as those mavens of the industry who read radioinfo. We know how to interpret a media release. For a refresher, refer to this article from Peter Saxon, Radio people are never sacked they just pursue personal interests.

According to the Herald Sun, Jane Hall will be replaced by Nova breakfast co-host Meshel Laurie and Laurie in turn will be replaced by Jane Hall’s former MIX co-host Chrissie Swan.

There’s also some betting that Fifi Box’s on air partner Dave Thornton on FOX will be replaced by Jules Lund. But why break up a winning team?

Although GOLD’s Brig and Lehmo are out of contract, it’s expected they’ll be re-signed for another term.

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