Pat Rafter suffers “shock” defeat at the hands of a bunch of Hot Shots (and Hughesy)

Australian tennis superstar Pat Rafter aka “The Legend” took on KIIS FM Drive’s Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes and three ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, participants from Tennis Australia’s grassroots tennis program, aka “Hughesy & The Hotshots” in a blockbuster match at Melbourne Park.

Joining Hughesy on The Hotshots team was 12-year-old Henry Gray from Armadale, Victoria and sisters 11-year-old Felicia and 8-year-old Mia Tonga from Kincumber, New South Wales.
The match included some quality banter between all participants.
Pre-match Rafter was heard saying:
“If I had a strategy to win today it would be all about Hughesy,” he said.
“No doubt he’ll be doing silly things. He’ll probably be drop shotting me, those sort of things.”
Rafter was very cautious of his three ANZ Tennis Hot Shots opponents.
“These kids, I’ve seen them play, they are good.
“I’ve seen lots of kids around Australia, these Hot Shots kids, they are very, very talented. This is our next lot of kids we are trying to get through,” he added.
During the match, Hughesy was feeling very confident, yelling from the baseline as he waited for Rafter.
“Fast as you can, you won’t put it past me,” Hughesy said.
Coach Kate Langbroek shouted helpful hints from the sideline with her megaphone which included a little playful banter to The Legend himself.
“You’ve got good looking legs Rafter… but I think they’re a little tired!”
Coach Kate later joined Rafter’s side but it wasn’t enough to get the win. In fact, having first-time tennis player Kate as a team mate was quite the hindrance!
Hughesy & The Hotshots were victorious winning the Fast 4 match 4-3.
Pat Rafter showed his sportsmanship at the post-match trophy ceremony, awarding the three ANZ Tennis Hot Shots with their sparkling new trophies and prize packs.



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