Perth’s number 1 breakfast show walks to work

Nova 93.7’s Nathan Morris, Natalie Locke and Shaun McManus walked eight kilometres to work today while broadcasting their #1 breakfast show live from the streets of Perth.


Car smash? Not enough money to buy petrol? No pay rise for their good ratings?

None of the above.
It was Walk to Work Day, so the trio travelled from Maylands to Subiaco to see what life is like outside the confines of the four walls that normally contain them when others are commuting to work.
They were joined along the way by West Coast Eagle, Chris Masten, Wildcat Greg Hire and a surprise addition – Hoppy the Quokka (pictured), the official mascot of the Mastercard Hopman Cup.
The starting location was determined by spinning a heavily weighted wheel of chance – one side 16% favouring starting at Nathan’s current house in Subiaco, the other 84% favouring his new house in Maylands.
We spun the wheel between Subiaco and Maylands. It hit Maylands. That’s why we’re here” said Nathan.
Tethered to a Nova engineer dressed in what resembled something very similar to a Ghostbuster backpack (top picture), the whole show ran seamlessly from a little black box, not much bigger than a ream of A4 paper.
Nathan, in particular has developed a new-found love for the outdoors, so there’s a chance going forward, Nova’s studio will get less use than they previously did.
Stay tuned – the next thing you know, these three will be coming to you live from a listener’s place.


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