Podcasting is an exciting industry: Richard Palmer at #PodcastDay24

There have been significant rises in weekly and monthly podcast consumption over the past few months…

So said Jaime Chaux and Richard Palmer at Monday’s PodcastDay24 conference in Sydney.
“The increase is a mix of people coming in for the first time and an increase in those who have been listening for some time but are now becoming even more engaged.”
Palmer explained that the Podcast Ranker uses IAB technical guidelines so that agencies can better understand what podcasting is and give reliable measurement so they can decide the best products where they can advertise.
The ranker shows that there were 25,000 episodes uploaded in April.
The top categories for podcasts, according to figures exclusively released by Chaux and Palmer during the conference session, are: comedy, news, society & culture, true crime and sports.

The top platforms are: Apple/iOS, Spotify then Google Chrome. Tuesday is the day of highest listening in Australia.

Palmer made the point that many podcasts are consumed some tiem after they are made, so the long tail is important. “Many people listen more than a month after the episode is uploaded, so make sure your advertising is relevant for the long tail audience.”
“Niche content can also be very successful in targeting niche audiences… Podcasting is an exciting industry” said Palmer.
Podcast awareness in Australia is 92%. Chaux predicted that podcast consumption will surpass the United States per capita very soon based on this high statistic.

48 million podcasts were listened to in Australia last month.

In the Building your podcast community, another session in the Podcast Day schedule Brittany Hockley, the producer of Life Uncut, said her podcast grew very large very quickly and that the audfeince organically wanted interaction. That began with direct emails but when they got to many to handle she moved online and formed a facebook group, which now has over 42,000 members.  

“We want people to feel they are not alone in our podcast community. It was built from the podcast and expanded into facebook group… we don’t use it for self promotion, we want it to be a safe space for everyone.
“We don’t moderate many posts, we trust the audience, but they are the type of people you can trust. They know that if they can’t be nice to others we will kick them out. We have a one warning policy.”




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