Podcasts made by radio people are good for business

Global travel insurance and lifestyle brand World Nomads has added podcasting to its content creation.

The podcast delivers “premium” bi-monthly episodes to entertain and inspire travellers who rate experiences and adventure as an essential part of life.
The World Nomads Podcast is the idea of Phil Sylvester, Head of Media Communications at the company.
And it’s no surprise why.
Phil is a 30-year veteran of mainstream broadcast news. Starting as a reporter covering general news in his hometown of Perth, before moving to Melbourne and behind the autocue as a producer of news broadcasts.
Because a change is as good as a rest (no it is not!), Phil changed mediums and took on the role of Executive Producer at 2GB.
After years in the cut-n-thrust of news and public affairs he decided it was time to find out what was happening over on “the inter-webs”.
Serendipitously World Nomads was looking for someone with expertise in mainstream media and journalism to become their chief storyteller.
World Nomads has always used “content” – written and visual – to promote what it does (and believes in). It’s only natural to expand into audio content. The growth of podcasting over the past 3 years made it a ‘no-brainer’ as a way of owning the means to make that happen,” says Phil.
“The growth in voice-search, and the looming reality that Alexa, Google Home and other similar devises will soon be ubiquitous means we could no longer ignore the channel.
“Also, I thought podcasting techniques generally were quite poor. I listened to lots in which basic radio techniques were missing. Radio has had many, many years to perfect techniques, and to find formats that work (hello “breakfast crew”) and I wanted a podcast that would take the best of what happens in radio and bring it to podcasting.”
Enter former breakfast announcer and broadcast journalist Kim Napier, who is the podcast producer and co-host alongside Phil.
“With breakfast, talkback radio, and journalism as my background, I know how to get people talking to draw out those great stories, travel or otherwise,” says Kim.
So, what are the advantages of having experienced radio people producing the podcast?
“Kim and I speak the same language – and that means jargon as well as the understanding of the aims.
“We’ve both lived through the brutality of radio and can look at what we’re doing with a professional eye (without worrying about hurting personal feelings). We can turn to each other and say, “I know you’ve spent time and effort in securing that interview, but what we got out of it isn’t up to our standards, we have to cut it.” – or in radio speak “That’s shit mate, dump it!”
Rounding out the team is editor Nigel Honey who has almost 20 years’ experience in radio as an audio producer.
Podcasting is just a form of broadcasting/radio, the same techniques will lead to success,” says Phil
Alongside their positions with World Nomads, both Kim and Phil remain within the radio industry.
Phil has regular spots on 2GB and Talking Lifestyle discussing travel insurance along with appearances on Studio 10.
Kim is a casual newsreader with Nova Entertainment.
You can subscribe to The World Nomads Podcast on ITunes.

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