Politics? Jason Morrison has a lot to consider

Jason Morrison has a lot to think about at the moment.

Morrison has confirmed to radioinfo that he has been approached to contest a seat in the NSW State parliament, as reported yesterday.

“I have actually been approached by some very senior people in the NSW Parliament to consider putting myself forward,” Morrison told radioinfo.

But with young children in his life he has to weigh up the pros and cons of such a decision. His second son Oliver was born the day after he was sacked from 2UE.

“It’s a very flattering offer and quite an honour to be asked, but I need to consider this with respect to my wife and our two little boys. I know enough politicians to know it’s an all-consuming job when it’s done well and that eats significantly into family life. As much as people pay-out on pollies, many of them work their guts out.

“Charlie is two and Oliver is just over 6 months so making sure I do that job right is most important.”

Morrison is currently an adviser to Gina Rinehart and a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, Skynews and Channel 7 news. He also has a regular spots with Ben Fordham on 2GB and on RadioLive in New Zealand.

“I’m not involved in politics or its factions although after 25 years in the news business you do get to know plenty of people and by now, I’m sure people are aware where I stand on most things,” he says.

Morrison has some big decisions to make, and promises to let radioinfo readers know what he decides.

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