Random Draws for radio comps

A new company called randomdraws.com is being used by an increasing number of radio stations to help with competition compliance.

It’s a cloud based third party service, launched this month, used by radio stations, marketing firms, lawyers, and brands to hold independent draws for trade promotions, chance based competitions and sweepstakes.

The randomdraws.com methodology and secure infrastructure is government approved and certified in Australia, which by the way is one of the most heavily regulated countries in the world for running promotions.

By using randomdraws.com, the radio station is using a drawing system which has been approved by the government, is independent and is convenient/fast and secure to use. It is also much cheaper than using alternative systems (eg sending the entries to a law firm for a draw).

randomdraws.com keeps records of all the radio station’s draws which helps with record keeping for potential audit purposes (the state governments audit draws from time to time). It is important for public perception that the draw is conducted using an independent and fair/random system.

randomdraws.com is a service by Trade Promotions and Lotteries Pty Ltd (TPAL ®), ACN 601 297 330, a leading compliance specialist for running promotions in Australia, including online permit applications and the auto-drafting of terms and conditions.

Holding a draw is fast and easy, involving only a few simple steps. Users can generate their winners immediately or conveniently schedule the draw to occur in the future.

Users running multiple promotions can easily sort past draws by date. Information uploaded, and the generated winners, are kept confidential and secure

Radio stations requiring assistance can contact randomdraws.com via the support line, 1300 123 600 or via the website options.

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