SAFM still No 1 in Mt Gambier, big growth for Triple M: Xtra Insights

The first Xtra Insights survey of the Mt Gambier region of South Australia in two years still has SCA’s 96.1 SAFM first, with a massive surge from sister station Triple M 90.5 FM into second, overtaking ABC South East SA. Triple M was the only station in the region to increase its overall listening audience 10+.

The 2022 survey had SAFM nearly 20 percent ahead of the ABC and a significant drop for Triple M. This time SAFM dropped the same 7.2 Triple M last time to 30.5, ABC SE SA and triple j lost 2.1 and 1.7 respectively and Triple M was up 9.8 to 19.8.

SAFM grew only in the 10-17 demographic to hold more than half that group’s listenership with the biggest losses in 40-54s.

In Breakfast ABC’s Becc Chave was still second (down 1.2 to 20.6) behind SAFM’s networked from Adelaide pairing of Bec and Soda (down 7.3 to 30.7). Ewan Grant, who presents a local breakfast show on Triple M literally doubled his audience, from 9.3 to 18.6. The station also moved to an FM frequency last year.

Cumes also only saw significant listening growth for Triple M, up 5600. The change from AM to FM and the local show content appears to be making an impact.

SCA achieved #1 (SAFM Limestone Coast 96.1) and #2 (Triple M Limestone Coast 90.5) stations across the Limestone Coast.

  • SCA has the #1 and #2 stations in Mt Gambier
  • SAFM Limestone Coast 96.1 #1 P10+:  30.5%
  • Triple M Limestone 90.5 Coast #2 P10+:  19.8% (up by 9.8 points)
  • 35,800 (up by 2.6%) people are tuning into an SCA station each week in Mt Gambier, that’s a reach of 65.2%

SAFM Limestone Coast

  • #1 Station Listened to Most P10+:  30.5%
  • #1 Station Listened to Most P25-54:  37.6%
  • #1 Station Listened to Most PU40:  48.1%


  • #1 Breakfast Most P10+:  31.7%
  • #1 Breakfast Most P25-54:  39.7%
  • #1 Breakfast Most PU40:  49.6%


  • #1 Drive Most P10+:  33.9%
  • #1 Drive Most P25-54:  39.4%
  • #1 Drive Most PU40:  46.6%


24,400 people are tuning into SAFM Limestone Coast 96.1 each week in Mt Gambier.


Triple M Limestone Coast


  • #1 Station Listened to Most P40+:  23.2%
  • #1 Station Listened to Most M25-54:  35.4% (up by 22 points)


  • #1 Breakfast Most M25-54:  31% (up by 17.1 points)
  • #1 Commercial Breakfast Most P40+:  20.4% (up by 8.4 points)


  • #1 Drive Most M25-54:  33.2% (up by 22.7 points)
  • #1 Drive Most M40+:  28.3%

16,800 people are tuning into Triple M Limestone Coast each week in Mt Gambier (up by 50% since 2022).

SCA Head of Regional Content, Blair Woodcock, said:

“Congratulations to the entire Mt Gambier SCA team today for claiming the #1 and #2 stations in the region.

Last year’s conversion of Triple M from AM to FM has clearly struck a chord with our audience, with Triple M Limestone Coast 90.5 experiencing incredible growth of over 50% in cumulative audience. The SCA network now reaches over 65% of the market, solidifying our market duopoly in the region.

A special shoutout to Breakfast host Ewan Grant, for his remarkable 25 years on Triple M and for doubling his audience in these latest results. SAFM also continues its dominance with wins across Breakfast, Workday, and Drive for all people 25-54.

Congratulations again to the team for their relentless dedication in making these stations truly great every day!”


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