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Steve Price OUT of 2GB

Friday 13 December, 2019

Deborah Knight to take over Steve Price’s Afternoon show on 2GB and 4BC in 2020

New MacRadio boss Tom Malone sent this memo to staff, this afternoon:

Hi there,

I wanted to let you know Steve Price will not be returning to the afternoons slot on 2GB and 4BC in 2020.

Steve has been a presenter on Macquarie Radio stations for almost 10 years, firstly on MTR in Melbourne before hosting Nights across the network, and finally Afternoons from earlier this year.

Unfortunately, Steve and I could not agree on the best way forward for 2020. 

I’d like to thank Steve for his terrific contribution to Macquarie Radio, and we wish him well for the future.

We’ll be announcing a new host for Afternoons in due course.


Tom Malone
Managing Director - Radio

Price, who has lost audience share since taking over the show from Chris Smith earlier this year, was reportedly offered an unspecified role at Channel 9 but turned it down as it would require him to quit The Project on TEN.

Deborah Knight is well known to 2GB/4BC Afternoon listeners as a regular guest host with Price. 

Knight told Andrew Hornery at Fairfax Media, "I got my start in journalism behind the radio mic in Wagga Wagga. There’s nothing like radio for making an immediate connection with your audience, and afternoons offers the chance to look at the big issues of the day and have some fun as well.

"And how lucky am I - I’ve got the best of both worlds - continuing with my TV role at Nine in both news and the Today show. Bring on 2020!"





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13 December 2019 - 7:45pm
Has the management of Macquarie Radio gone completely mad? Chris Smith, George Moore, Ross Greenwood and now Steve Price gone, this is extraordinary. No surprise the ratings freefall has begun. Ridiculous for the once almost invincible 2GB, they must have a death wish.
Anthony The Koala
13 December 2019 - 10:00pm
I wish to make two points.
In an earlier comment on this page several months ago, I believed Steve Price's program was very newsy and was compatible with former presenter Chris Smith. Though Steve's ratings placed him in second place, he was producing the "goods".

While I will not speculate on the reasons for management's decisions whether the major changes pre November Tom Malone or present, there has been been a pattern since July 2019 on the departures of people producing the goods: Chris Smith, George Moore, Ross Greenwood and Steve Price.

There is something not right about trying to fix something that is not broke. For example it was reported that during the contract negotiations for Ross Greenwood, it was proposed to reduce Ross Greenwood's program to one hour. Why? I won't speculate. But over the years, Ross has built an audience in the 1800-2000 slot that was before in the doldrums. The show rated well.

The analogy is like the story of the anthropomorphized train that said "...I think I can, I think I can....and reaching the other side of the hill I said...I thought I could, I thought I could....." In this situation, it was "....I think I can, I think I can,....I almost made it but thwarted me from reaching the other side of the hill...."

Since the loss of 2UE as a news talk station, 2GB and the BOG are the only commercial talk networks in the Sydney market place. I doubt that the BOG will take on the former 2GB presenters.

Nevertheless, that leaves the RN and NewsRadio as an alternative to 2GB and the BOG. I have been listening to these stations from dawn, especially to weekend breakfast with Geraldine Doogue and Hugh Riminton and will increase my listening to these stations after 0900 when the George & Paul Show on 2GB concludes this year.

As I said in previous comments management live or die by the decisions and it has been demonstrated by the departure of managers in the previous three months at MML's 2GB as a result of their 'fruits'.

Time will tell whether the changes at 2GB will be fruitful.

Anthony of thinking Belfield
Lying Nutters Party
15 December 2019 - 1:13pm
It's great that 2GB is getting rid of people like Steve Price and George Moore. George Moore in particular has become pretty unhinged in recent years. He makes Alan Jones look like a leftie
16 December 2019 - 6:38am
Chris Smith's departure signalled the problems emerging with 2GB management. The recent management has demonstrated they are no match for past management. Steve Price was an unsuitable replacement for Chris Smith and the ratings showed that. George Moore's loss was downright unnecessary and reckless. An entrepreneur should see the opportunity to capitalise on 2GB management's failings of late.

"All of the above was initiated by past management. MacRadio is now owned by Nine, chaired by former treasurer Peter Costello - hardly a leftie. George Moore has signalled he is a good chance to return once he takes six months of well-earned 'long service' leave." - Ed
16 December 2019 - 6:51am
Actually, I retract part of what I just said. The problems with 2GB management commenced when it failed to negotiate the retention of Andrew Bolt in his one hour segment on Nights. Then came Chris Smith and now George Moore all conservative commentators (but, in their earlier life were not conservative). There seems to be an undercurrent here. Steve Price can appear conservative but I reckon he is a bit 'iffy'.

"Except for Price, that was all done under the previous management" - Ed
16 December 2019 - 10:30am
Good riddance to the Poison Dwarf. His nightly tiongue baths with Blot over the previous years were an embarassment to all sentient beings - this necessarily excludes their listeners.
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