Survey 4 results: 100 and out, Mix loses top spot in Perth

The 4th survey result for 2012 has just been released. Click here to see the Nielsen results or read full story for more, and refresh this page regularly during today for the latest details and analysis.

96fm moved into the number one spot in Perth, pushing out market leader Mix94.5 just after it achieved its 100th win last survey.  In a quiet Sydney survey where no station moved more than one share point, Nova has dropped slightly and 2CH, 2GB and WSFM have risen. In Melbourne, Mix gained the most and ABC774 also rose, while triple j had the biggest fall.  There was more volatility in Brisbane, with Nova snatching top spot from 97.3. In Adelaide, market leader FIVEaa consolidated its lead with a strong rise.   Note: This article is unlocked.


The survey, commissioned for Commercial Radio Australia, covered the period Sun Mar 25 ? Sat Apr 28 and Sun May 6 ? Sat June 9, 2012, with the rolling survey methodology, which is designed to smooth out bumps, certainly doing its job this survey, where there were few significant movements in most cities.

The Networks

Southern Cross Austereo: Steady as she goes. Although no station in the group went up or down by more than 0.6 it was a great result for SCA with both its Sydney stations recording small but precious gains. The only dark spot was in Perth, where despite shedding just 0.4, MIX 94.5 was knocked off its number one perch, breaking its 100 survey streak at the top.

Australian Radio Network: As so often is the case with ARN, it was a patchy survey for them with WSFM up in Sydney, but Mix a bit down. In Brisbane, 97.3 has lost most of the ground and the number one spot it gained last time, with 4KQ also losing ground. In Adelaide MIX was up a little while Cruise was down. But Melbourne was a winner for both stations in the group with Mix 101.1 posting that market’s biggest gain, a 1.7 jump, while GOLD also edged up by 0.3.

DMG: Although too early to draw conclusions, for the record, both smooth stations, Sydney and Melbourne were down marginally. As for the Nova brand, Sydney was down by 0.8, bringing the overall share to under 6.0, with the steady gains made in breakfast over the last few surveys wiped out.

Melbourne also took a tumble, but Brisbane shone for the group, taking the number one spot in that city with a 13.8 share while Adelaide also went up, along with the only talk station in the group FIVEaa, which increased its lead at the top by 1.6. Perth slipped marginally.

Fairfax: Surprise, surprise their only FM station, 96FM, knocks off SCA’s Mix after 100 straight surveys at the top. Is it despite the fact that Fairfax’s wise men from the east (as they love to say in the west) leaves 96FM pretty much alone or because of it?

Melbourne’s 3AW shed some listeners but remained comfortably at the head of the pack while MAGIC was up 0.3. 4BC in Brisbane had a big gain, 1.1 up but Sydney remains the networks biggest headache as it records a slight drop overall and a much bigger one in breakfast.

Macquarie Radio Network: With the MTR albatross cut loose from their necks, the two station metro network 2CH and 2GB both posted gains to give them a collective 20.5 share of the Sydney market.

ABC Local: Although down everywhere else except Perth where it was steady, Melbourne’s ABC 774 had a blinder, putting it up into double figures with a gain of 1.2 to place it second in the market.

triple j: Lost ground everywhere except in Brisbane where it held.


The Cities



There was little significant movement in Sydney, with Nova recording the biggest drop of only 0.9 share points, 2GB and WSFM gaining 0.8 and 2CH gaining 0.7.  Other movement was not significant.

2GB remains in number one spot, followed by ABC702 and 2DAYFM third.

Newly relaunched smooth fm was steady at 4.1%.

2Day and Nova continue to win the under 40 demographics, with triple j also showing up well in the 18-40 age groups. WSFM is the leader in the 40-54 demographic, with ABC702 and 2GB also strong there. 2GB and ABC702 are leaders in the 55-64 demographic, and 2GB is dominant over 65.

2GB’s Alan Jones consolidated his lead in breakfast, with second placed ABC702 presenter Adam Spencer slipping slightly and third placed breakfast pair Kyle and Jackie O gaining slightly. 2GB won mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. 2Day won drive.



Mix 101.1 and ABC774 had the strongest gains in Melbourne with Mix rising 1.7 share points and 774 up 1.2. ABC774 moved into second spot, now fractionally ahead of Fox FM, which moved to third place. There is daylight between the to three Melbourne stations and the rest of the pack, with fourth placed triple m scoring in the 7s and the rest following.

triple j dropped most, down 1.0 share points. 3AW and Nova also shaved off a fraction of the audience, losing 0.6 while movements at other stations were not significant. Smooth fm lost 0.2 share points.

Fox and Nova are leading the under 25 demographics, with four stations are closely contesting the 25-39 demographic, Fox, Triple M, Nova, and Mix. 3AW leads 40-54s with 3AW and ABC774 contesting the over 55 demographics.

3AW’s Ross & John won breakfast ahead of ABC774’s Red Simons and Fox FM’s Matt & Jo. 3AW won all other timeslots.



There was most movement in Brisbane, where DMG’s Nova 106.9 toppled ARN’s FM97.3 from top spot, with Nova rising 0.9 and 97.3 dropping 1.3. B105 remains in third place, followed by ABC612.

4BH scored the biggest gain of the survey, up 1.2 to 7.8% and Fairfax sister station 4BC also did well this survey, gaining 1.1 to 7.4%.

The younger demographics were dominated by B105 and Nova, 25-39s was won by Nova, with 97.3, B105, triple j and Triple M all contesting the demo strongly. Triple M and 97.3 battled it out in the 40-54 demo, 4KQ and 4BH contested the 55-64, with 4BC and ABC612 leading the over 65s

Nova won breakfast, followed by ABC612, and Nova won all other timeslots.




5AA strengthened its lead in Adelaide, gaining 1.6 share points, the biggest rise this survey. ABC891 dropped from second to third place after shaving off 0.2 share points, as Mix102.3 gained 0.3, inching it ahead of the ABC into second spot.

Triple j fell by 0.8 and Triple M was down by 0.6, in another survey where there was relatively little change in overall scores.

Nova and SAFM contested the younger demographics, Nova won 25-39s, Mix 102.3 won 40-54s, Mix and ABC891 contested 55-64s and 5AA won the over 65 demographic.

ABC891 lead breakfast ahead of 5AA, which also won mornings. Nova and Mix were both strong in afternoons, Nova won drive, 5AA won evenings and weekends.



In Perth, Fairfax station 96fm snatched top spot away from Austereo’s Mix94.5 after  gaining 1.6 share points. Mix94.5 rose by 0.4, but could not hold off 96fm as it inched 0.1 ahead of the former market leader. 92.9 remained in third spot despite a drop of 0.7 share points. 6IX rose by 0.7 while there was little significant movement in other stations.

92.9 and Nova contested the younger demographics, Nova won 25-39s, Mix and 96fm contested the 40-54 demographic, ABC720 won 55-65s, just ahead of  6PR and Mix, while ABC720 had a clear win in the 65+ demographic.

ABC720 won breakfast ahead of Mix94.5, a situation 96fm will have to rectify if it wants to hold on to its top market position. 96fm won mornings and afternoons. 92.9 won drive, ABC720 won evenings and Mix 94.5 won weekends.