Three More Vision Network Stations

Vision Network has launched another three Christian relay stations in Western Australia, taking its total to 182 across the country.

The three new stations have all paid for by the network’s successful June ‘Dream With Us’ Visionathon.

Almost 750 people pledged more than $280 000 in donations for towns where the radio network had licences but were not yet on air. On average, it costs about $5000 to bring a relay station on air, including the licence, equipment, installation, program delivery for the first year and associated costs.

Other newly sponsored relay stations are set to come on air in coming months.

Cervantes resident, Rhonda Scully, says: “It’s nice to have an alternative radio, which has Christian content.”

A non-denominational, non-profit network, Vision is owned and operated by UCB Australia. It started broadcasting on one frequency in Beaudesert, Queensland, in 1999. Five years later, it has 182 relay stations throughout Australia. All receive Vision programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week from its broadcast operations centre in Brisbane,

Vision Radio Network has a format of about 65% music and 35% talk, appealing to a wide range of listeners ‘seeking a family friendly radio experience’. The network encourages local interaction, with a free call number 1 800 880 876 for competitions and the weekday talkback show.

Anyone wanting to contribute to the launch of more Vision relay stations can call 1 800 880 876 or visit the link below.