Tieline shows off their ViA and Gateway products: #NABShow

Tieline is a West Australian based company that has had incredible success around the world with the codecs and outside broadcast units.

Wayne Stamm from radioinfo visited the Tieline display at the 2022 NAB Show and talked to their Technical Sales Specialist for the Americas, Jacob Daniluck.

The ViA is their Live Radio or Sports Remote for 2 or more people with stereo program and separate mono IFB communications, while their Bridge-IT and Gateway products are well known with thousands deployed around the world.

Of the ViA, Jacob says, “The owners and the engineers of the company, they want to make things that small and compact and push as many features sets that we can into the product. Like the ViA, for instance, our new portable unit, we call it a studio in the box because it’s not only an audio codec, it’s got a mixer in it, it’s got a ten band EQ and it’s got a recorder in it, a dynamic range compressor in it. The list goes on and on and on and on. I can we can spend hours talking about the ViA if we wanted to.”

The Gateway is their newest top of the line codec and Jacob says, “It’s our brand new studio codec. It’s designed to be either eight channels or up to 16 channels and mono or we can of course, do stereo configurations if we need to.

“But that unit’s designed for really any application, whether it’s studio to transmitter links, studio to studio, remote broadcast for contribution.