UK online radio player gains 5.7 million users in a month

5.7 million people have listened to UK radio stations via Radioplayer since it was launched 4 weeks ago. As the Radioplayer project took shape, the industry argued that it should “agree on technology and compete on content,” which appears to be happening.


The Managing Director of UK Radioplayer Michael Hill announced this week that:

–      5.7 million unique users listened via Radioplayer across a 4-week period

–      22.5 million Radioplayer consoles were launched or switched by those users

–      There are now 238 stations on the player, eight weeks age there were 157 stations on board.

–      About 20 per cent of Radioplayer users are sampling more than one station.


Although listening duration cannot yet be measured centrally, “reports from member stations suggest a modest uplift in streamed hours across Radioplayer since launch,” says Hill. The industry’s priority now is “to grow the Radioplayer network, to include every Ofcom-licensed station that wants to join.”