Vizard turns talent scout for SCA

While Steve Vizard’s own radio show on MTR has perished along with the station, he still has his finger in the broadcast pie having discovered Southern Cross Austereo’s newest talent Will & Woody.

“We were doing comedy sketch shows in Melbourne – we were doing Law school revues together. Steve Vizard was in the audience one night and said come with me, I’ll put you in touch with my management,” explains Will.

It was a good move. Vizard is represented by Profile Talent Management who already handle a string of radio stars including Hamish and Andy, Ant and Becks, Scott Dooley, Dylan Lewis and Michael (Wippa) Wipfli.

Before they knew it they were doing some late nights on the Today Network and then filled in for the Kyle and Jackie O show on 2Day FM breakfast over the holiday season. Now they have a regular weekend slot on Saturday’s 10 am – midday.

Will studies law and Woody commerce at university. Neither will give up their studies. Although, “It will probably take us till 2020 before we finish our degrees,” jokes Will.

Woody admits he had no idea what he wanted to do as a career until Vizard put the idea of radio into their heads. “Together we can do a great radio show and set up a business. Do a financial show in the morning, Will and Woody on the stock market” says Woody.

Asked where they see themselves going with all this, they say, “We don’t look that far ahead. 24 hours is probably it.”

Now that they are in radio, they love the spontaneity. “It’s like talking to a mate, says Will.”

Woody says, “I was talking to a mate the other day who’d heard me on the radio when I stuffed something up and he asked, ‘Why didn’t you just get rid of that. Wipe it? I said you can’t. That’s radio. That’s what I love about it. It’s almost like being live on stage. It’s raw.”

Has success changed the lads? “Our relationships are up the shit! No, not really,” says Will, “but its very time consuming.”

“We have no secrets any more,” adds Woodey, “It’s all on the air, out in the open.”