Where are the NZ Audiences? Still listening to Radio

Traditional radio listening in New Zealand remains stable with just under 80% of NZ’ers still tuning in to their local stations according to research released by New Zealand On Air.

Where are the Audiences?, a study on all media consumption, is compiled by NZ On Air every two years.

Key findings of the study are

  • Weekly reach of Live radio is 78% of all NZers, unchanged since 2016
  • 18% listen to NZ radio online, also unchanged
  • 9% listen to iHeart or International radio online
  • Daily reach for Live radio is down slightly to 55% from 59%
  • Music streaming now reaches four in ten NZers
  • Radio continues to be the way most people discover new music
  • More NZers begin their day listening to radio than any other media
  • The TSL among listeners is up from 163 to 185 minutes per day

The generation gap between those above and below 40-45 remains strong and significant in their cosumption of live radio and online media.

Smartphone ownership has now overtaken ownership of working radios in New Zealand, and is only just behind ownership of a PC/Laptop.

Overall there have been rapid changes in the way listeners get their music with the daily reach of physical formats (iPod, CD etc) halving since 2014 and music streaming nearly doubling.

Further analysis shows that it is the younger under 40 audience who are dropping out of the physical formats more rapidly than their older counterparts.

It is worth noting that radio audiences are more stable in terms of reach and TSL, including among younger audiences.