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Who is going to Drive GB's afternoon audience?

Friday 15 May, 2020

So, who gets the Drive shift on 2GB?

Speculation is good for the soul as it allows your imagination to run wild, especially when you are trying to outguess and outdo a PD/CD.

So, here are some candidates for the job

  • Chris Smith, a proven performer on 2GB who fell out of, and then into, favour with station management.
  • Deborah Knight who has settled well into afternoons, and of course if she moved to drive, it would open the way for the aforementioned, Chris Smith, to move back into afternoons.
  • How about Derryn Hinch? This came through as an anonymous tip this week and has merit if you, for one second, believe that a Sydney audience would take to Hinch, or that Hinch would move to Sydney, as he once did many years ago.
  • Alan Jones, because he’s not doing anything at the end of the month except for a few TV and newspaper commitments, and he wouldn’t have to get out of bed at 2.00am anymore.
  • Steve Price is looking for a gig, and while this might not be the morning slot he thought he was going to get, it is a permanent job, well as permanent as a radio job can be.
  • Mark Levy because he already has the spot, even if for a short while, and we all know that if you get the chance, you grab it with both hands.
  • Karl Stefanovic is from the Nine stable of stars, and got to dabble at 2GB in the middle of last year, filling in for Steve Price. Given that he is already on contract for Nine, and the cross promotion would be beneficial, this could work.

Put yourself in the PD/CD chair and let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.


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15 May 2020 - 5:22pm
Luke Grant has been loyal and has done drive in the past on MTR
16 May 2020 - 11:50am
How about promoting Michael McLaren finally into a day shift finally?
He has earned his stripes at GB and is an excellent communicator.
Rates his head off in overnights and would handle Drive beautifully!
Please not S Price ...
Tim Williams
16 May 2020 - 2:00pm
Since his appointment as boss of Nine Radio, Tom Malone has almost invariably gone with "Nine" people to fill vacant positions.
Steve Jacobs as the Breakfast host on 2UE/4BH/Magic in Melbourne/Perth digital (despite the fact that multi-capital city Breakfast music shows have never worked), now Neil Breen for 4BC Breakfast in Brisbane. Neither Steve Jacobs nor Neil Breen is an established capital city radio professional.
So, it's highly likely that the new host of 2GB Drive will come from the Nine stable, even if they're not established radio people.
Steve Price would seem (to me, anyway) unlikely because of his sacking by Tom Malone, although you would have thought a few months ago that he might have been an ideal fit. He also works for the opposition Ten network on "The Project".
Chris Smith has been welcomed back to the 2GB fold by Tom Malone, despite his sacking by previous management to accommodate Steve Price on afternoons. And, he's been a proven ratings winner on 2GB for a long time, so he seemingly would fit the bill.
Alan Jones, definitely no. There's a very real sense of "pushed" rather than "retired" about him, and why risk losing more revenue if advertisers then desert Drive as they have Breakfast because of him.
Mark Levy, a distinct possibility, and it would add to the generational chance evident in Ben Fordham's move to Breakfast. It would also enhance Mark Levy's prospects of eventually replacing Ray Hadley on Mornings.
One name that was missing from your commentary was John Stanley, currently rating well on Nights. He's done everything asked of him since moving to 2GB from 2UE, although he wouldn't fit the generational change aspect.
As for Luke Grant (see "Anon" comment), another loyal fill-in, but not for any permanent role.
18 May 2020 - 7:43am
John Stanley. The most stable and liked announcer 2GB/2UE has had over the years. Put John into Drive and give nights to Michael McLaren. Makes sense to give 2GB listeners people they know and relate to.
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