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Wide World of Sports is coming to 2GB and 4BC in 2020

Monday 16 December, 2019
Macquarie Media will launch a dedicated sports show, Wide World of Sports, on 2GB and 4BC in 2020, focused on covering the latest events in the sporting world four nights a week.

Airing 6.00-7.00pm Monday to Thursday and hosted by broadcaster Mark Levy, it will draw on the broad suite of talent from Nine’s Wide World of Sports to provide the latest news and commentary across the sports that Aussies love.

Macquarie’s Head of Content, Greg Byrnes,says, “Wide World of Sports is an iconic Australian brand and we are thrilled to bring it to radio with a dedicated daily sports program.

“It’s great to have a sports fanatic like Mark Levy in the chair hosting. He’ll be able to draw on the full gamut of Nine’s talent for sports like rugby league, tennis, cricket, netball and so many more to cover the latest happenings and drive the daily agenda across the games and codes that matter to Sydney and Brisbane.”

Levy has spent over a decade with Macquarie in various roles, including lead sports newsreader, host of The Continuous Call Team, and breakfast co-host of Macquarie Sports Radio.

He says, “Sport is a big part of the fabric of being an everyday Australian and this show will give people the opportunity to voice their opinion on the big sporting issues of the day.

“It will speak to the biggest names in Australian sport and give Sydneysiders and Brisbaneites what they need to know about the games they love.”



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Anthony The Koala
16 December 2019 - 5:15pm
It reminds when 2UE had a two hour sports show between 1800 and 2000. It was hosted initially by John Gibbs and "Brandy" Alexander. "Brandy" left in 2014.

In the light of Ross Greenwood's departure, one of the reasons of Ross's departure from 2GB was that his "Money News" program was to be reduced to one hour. From today's news we know why Ross's program time was to be cut.

Without commenting on the contents and presenters of either a sports or money show, a one hour program is too short, especially on commercial radio where a shift is at least two hours, typically three hours.

A person listening to a sports program may not be interested in listening to a money/economics program and vice versa.

2UE's sports program was two hours. I don't have ratings data on the former 2UE program, but a program that has lasted 15 years, at least with "Brandy" says that it was the right formula.

Having two completely different program styles each of one hour may well present problems with consistent ratings in the 1800-2000.

As at 14-12-2019, I "stand on a limb" in this matter, I don't have any inside information but methinks that the current MSR consisting of 2UE, 4BH and 3EE will cease broadcasting sport in the future. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong.

For those who miss Ross Greenwood's program, there is between 1800-2000 a choice of current affairs programs on RN and ABCNewsRadio. These stations may not necessarily discuss money and may not have regular commentators such as Harold Mitchell and Roger Montgomery as Ross's program did. Nevertheless they are current affairs shows.

In addition, if you have a brain and are adverse to the ABC's pro climate change stories, you can make adjustments or read Andrew Bolt's columns or the IPA's (Institute of Public Affairs) articles on the net.

It's all about choices,

Anthony of thinking Belfield
Tim Williams
17 December 2019 - 8:24am
2UE's nightly sports program existed long before John Gibbs' involvement. Peter Bosly rated No.1 in that time slot for many years.
17 December 2019 - 9:12am
I switch off 2GB when the sports program comes on Friday evenings. I will certainly be switching off 2GB from 6pm every night during the week now. I just can't reconcile how this new programming will succeed. Sports talk is a minor rating exercise. The management of 2GB is giving myself and many other past 2GB fixated listeners cause to be switching the dial.
Lying Nutters Party
18 December 2019 - 12:42pm
It's a shame they couldn't find a decent host. Mark Levy is pathetic. He just loves the sounds of his own voice and talks constant rubbish.
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