Will Hamish and Andy return to Radio?

Kyle and Jackie O pop the question…

Doing the rounds of breakfast radio this morning the promote their True Story show on the Nine Network, Hamish & Andy dropped in for a longish chat with Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS 106.5

Among other things, they  discussed whether they’ll return to radio, if they’d ever switch networks and how they tried to make their TV show more like radio. 

“Radio is the most fun you can have, so to say never would be a silly thing…

“It certainly may be on the horizon at some point… We’ve always just operated on the theory that if it’s fun do it.”

Other highlights of the chat include:

– Hamish discusses how he can trick people into thinking that Andy smokes.
– Hamish & Andy jokingly present Kyle the KIIS ‘employee of the month’ award.
– The pair discuss the process of how they pick stories to go on their TV show.