Youth clean up at National Community Media Awards

Australia’s youth broadcasters emerged as the strength of Australia’s community broadcasting landscape recently, with Hobart and Melbourne’s youth stations picking up major awards in radio as well as television. The awards show how young broadcasters are very easily working across platforms to produce good quality media outputs.

Apart from the major Community Broadcasting Association of Australia National Awards, youth stations such as Brisbane’s 4ZZZ, Sydney’s FBi Radio and Melbourne’s 3RRR also collected trophies on the night.

Other notable winners led the way in highlighting social and political issues with station 3CR (Melbourne) winning for an outside broadcast from the Baxter Detention Centre and 8KIN (Alice Springs) who raised the important issue of the availability public telephone services in remote indigenous areas.

The awards were presented as part of the CBAA’ s Annual National Conference held at the Gold Coast International Hotel which attracted over 300 delegates and almost 100 community stations.

The major winners included:

Radio Station of the Year: Edge Radio (7EDG) in Hobart.

Television Station of the Year: Channel 31 Melbourne and Access 31 Perth.

The Tony Staley Award: Presented for special achievement by an organisation- to SYN FM in Melbourne for excellence in providing access and services for youth.

The Michael Law Award: Nicola Joseph picked up community broadcasting’s highest individual honour for her long term service, passion, and commitment to the community broadcasting sector.

Nicola Joseph , who is presently both the training manager at the CBAA and a journalist for the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasting Council, has worked at several community radio stations including 4ZZZ in Brisbane and Radio Skid Row in Sydney. She has also worked as a presenter and executive producer at ABC Radio National and at SBS radio.

“I find that community radio is the one place that I can be myself on air and that says something for the sector’s independence and diversity. I have no doubt that our sector’s future is tied up in both providing balance to the rest of the media’s system of “embedded journalism” and in providing diversity which even the ABC and SBS-TV have abandoned on recent years,” said Joseph.

The Full List of CBAA National Award Winners is below:


Excellence in Spoken Word Programming Stations over $150,000.

Station: 4ZZZ ‘Curious Kids’.
Producer: Heather Anderson and Gary Pfeiffer.

Excellence in Spoken Word Programming Stations between $50,000 and $150,000

Station: 3GCR ‘Rally for Peace: The People’s Perspective’.
Producer: Shane Elson.

Excellence in Spoken Word Programming Stations under $50,000.

Station: Edge Radio ‘Journalists on the Edge’.
Producer: Carol Raahus.

Best Innovative New Program / Segment Idea.

Station: Triple R ‘Whodunnit Radio Plays’.
Producer: Laura Milk

Television Station of the Year.

Stations: Access 31 Perth and Channel 31 Melbourne

Radio Station of the Year.

Station: Edge Radio

Can’t Get Out of The Car Award

Station: Bay FM ‘Tall Hairy Guy P.I’.
Producers: Oliver McElligott, Al Crombie & Colin Delane.

Contribution to Local Music Stations over $150,000.

Station: FBi Radio ‘Sydney Music Retrospective’.
Producer: Danielle Buhagiar

Contribution to Local Music Stations between $50,000 and $150,000

Station: Tune FM ‘Air Time’.
Producer: Andrew Devenish-Meares.

Contribution to Local Music Stations under $50,000.

Station: Edge FM ‘Edge Radio’.
Producer: Chris Johnson and Mel Page.

Contribution to Ethnic Broadcasting.

Station: 3CR ‘Outworker Voice’.
Producer: Hong Nguyen.

Contribution to Indigenous Broadcasting.

Station: 8KIN ‘Our Place- Telephones in Remote Communities Part 2’.
Producer: Adrian Show.

Innovative place /subject for an Outside Broadcast.

Station: Winner: 3CR ‘Baxter Detention Centre’.
Producer: 3CR.

Television Producer of the Year.

Station: CTV Perth
Producer: Tibor Mezaros.

Best/Innovative Idea in Fundraising.

Station: Edge Radio ‘Roboedge’.
Producer: Chris Johnson.

Best/Innovative Announcement, Sponsorship or Promotion.

Station: Sonshine FM‘ Pizza with Attitude’.
Producer: Darren Reynolds.

Television Program of the Year.

Station: Channel 31 Melbourne ‘No Limits’.
Producer: Sarah Barton.

Innovative Station /Program Promotion Idea.

Station: Syn FM ‘Syn TV’.
Producer: Bryce Ives & Susan Reddrop.

New Voices.

Station: Radio Adelaide ‘The NEO Project’.

Value For Money.

Station: Monaro Radio ‘New Cooma Studio’.

Tony Staley Award.

Station: SYN FM.

Michael Law Award.

Ms Nicola Joseph.