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15 November 2017 - 8:26am
Advertisers don't care about 'on-line engagement' ... they care about ratings where their message will be. And if you have less than 3%, who cares how much 'engagement' you have.
I'm not a Kyle fan, but this female's taste in what makes good radio really is the bottom of the barrel ... and we thought Kyle was tasteless enough.
Fact is, breakfast radio in Sydney is pretty pathetic.
But putting this woman on air anywhere is a disgrace.
Survey results escalate Em Rusciano-Kyle Sandilands feud
13 November 2017 - 9:46am
Enjoyed listening to John at 2GO growing up on the Central Coast in the 70's. Great broadcaster and an impressive career. John Kerr’s 60 year journey through radio
10 November 2017 - 8:25pm
Thank God!! No more of those Country Hobbos playing those uneducated Country Music Tracks from Try Hards!! I would love to be a presenter on the new system. You could not do it before because the Country And Western people were in charge!! Thank God the ACMA acted on that dud bunch that were there all those years!! Yi Hah!!! Hawkesbury Gold begins temporary broadcasts
Jim Mortimer
6 November 2017 - 10:37am
Great article, Des. It's awesome to hear your wisdom! I agree with the comment from Ceejay that broadcasting was previously run with a little more TLC by people with their hearts in broadcasting. But technology has also produced the false sense of security, as you mentioned, and requires us to all risk-assess beyond the horizon. A classic example was the SA Statewide Blackout on 29.9.16 from about 3.45pm. One major network was off the air in Adelaide for a considerable time due to the the most basic redundancy failure - TX backup power switchover. Their competitors helped them get back on air, because with traffic gridlocked it would have been hours before a tech could get there. We all need to remind ourselves to risk-assess. Don't assume. Whether the Ash Wednesday bushfires (for which I'm told Des was in a perilous situation in a transmitter at Adelaide's Mt Lofty) or cyclones or floods, we need a working backup plan, and wise heads in management to a supply the funds. Going off the air is bad enough, but going off the air when the community is turning to you for information is an own-goal that many have seen and nobody wants. The Elephant in the room is a time bomb: Des DeCean
5 November 2017 - 5:45pm
The difference is that, in the 20th century, broadcasting was run by BROADCASTERS who believed in "quality". In the 21st century it's run by salesmen and accountants who believe in "the bottom line". The Elephant in the room is a time bomb: Des DeCean
ex ABC
5 November 2017 - 5:43pm

I think many people will see this and think "well he would say that wouldn't he". Let me give YOU an example. A stringer covers a story about the possibility of a nuclear waste facility being established in a country town. He sends that footage to all networks, commercial and ABC. The footage contains four vox pops - two implacably opposed to the idea and two others not exactly in support, but saying that anything that generates jobs and helps the town survive should be considered. 7 News runs the story and includes grabs from all four vox pops. ABC News runs the story and allocates the same time to vox pops, but only includes the two opposed. A viewer watching 7 News will get the "accurate and impartial" and "fair and balanced" story, but the ABC viewer will not. True story. That's why the ABC needs greater attention.
Let’s sell the ABC. See what happens.
2 November 2017 - 4:03pm
I am devastated that Keys to Music has been dumped. It is one of the best radio programmes I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. I am an avid listener, and a great fan of Graham Abbott's indomitable talent and knowledge. Graham and his programme will be sorely missed. He has contributed enormously to my musical knowledge, understanding, performance, and enjoyment. I'm finding less and less reasons to continue to listen to ABC Classic FM, as its programmes become increasingly banal and pedestrian. I am resorting more and more to live streaming stations in other countries. I am disappointed to say the least. One becomes suspicious that ABC Classic FM is deliberating trying to alienate its listeners with the ambition of running the station into the ground. The bosses clearly lack any kind of intellectual or musical ambition, and lack passion for producing quality radio. Australia becomes even more of a backwater for decent radio. Boo. ABC Classic FM announces 2018 lineup
Tony Currie
30 October 2017 - 10:42am
Having once had the frightening experience of hosting a live BBC Radio show very late at night when the 'control surfaces' went berserk (I couldn't hear my microphone working and each item I fired from the playlist appeared to fire the item before it - but studio monitoring was lying and not only was my microphone permanently on, but all the items I fired were playing out simultaneously.....) I have great sympathy for the guys at Triple J. And this is why my own internet station (which syndicates some programming to Oz & NZ) has a state-of-the-art modular ANALOGUE transmission desk!!! Quo Vadis triple j?
30 October 2017 - 10:22am
ABC Classic-FM dropped out for quite a while during the latter stages of Haydn's masterpiece The Creation. Last time I listened to this work on Classic-FM, something went wrong in the studio and they lost the ending of the work ! I was hoping there would not be a repeat of that - but yes, there was !! Quo Vadis triple j?
ex CommRadioTech
29 October 2017 - 2:36pm
Unless of course you're dealing with RCS, and their new console partner Wheatstone, in which case it's 24/7 with guys in Australia who know the system inside out and are exceptionally well-trained. And from what I gather most of them came from radio so they know the heat that's on you. Never had an issue that they didn't manage to fix, and they always stayed with me until we were back on air. And now with Zetta things just got even easier to manage because it can all be remote. Shame Auntie never invested in RCS systems instead of building their own ;) Quo Vadis triple j?


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