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25 September 2020 - 7:11pm
Someone I know has openly admitted being the one who did this and says it was in Gods name and for his retribution! I've tried reporting this to police but told nothing is likely to be done about it because I am a "3rd party" and not a witness to the actual crime. I'm hoping you can call me to tell me what I can do to help...

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No new home yet for fire bombed WOW FM
Anthony The Koala
23 September 2020 - 5:13pm
A few discrete points.

While the 0745 news bulletin is no longer, let's not forget ABC News Radio with updates every quarter hour. In recent months this jewel of a news service has improved in its presentation including news bulletins featuring "Majestic Fanfare" on the hour and half hour during the day.

For those who hate the ABC, the commercial stations' news bulletins especially those on 2GB have declined in coverage since the late 1980s. No more 10 minute bulletins at breakfast, no half hour news bulletins at midday and 1700 and no more 10 minute bulletins at 2200. Even the last 10 minute news bulletin at 1200 on 2GB disappeared with the retirement of Jim Angel (RIP) in 2001. It is an economic reality. As a result 2GB could not be called a news talk station because it ceases to have comprehensive coverage of the news. Again it's an economic reality.

But just because it is an economic reality does not mean that the ABC should 'sympathetically' reduce its news services. News is a public good and all Australians deserve. What else do we have when news coverage on commercial radio and TV is reducing. Having a reduced ABC news service means Australians will not be informed. We cannot rely on social media to deliver news because we don't know whether the news is genuine, fake or part of a misinformation campaign.

The montage presented by Ms Jamelle Wells brought back memories. I remember when Ms Wells presented the late evening news on 2GB. She also made pre-recorded bulletins for the 0100 & 0300, and the 0200 and 0400 times. I knew that the 2GB bulletins were pre-recorded because the bulletins suddenly were aired at their non-scheduled times. I also remember Mr Bruce Menzies reading the news and as a toddler watching him co-host a children's program featuring a koala up a gum tree with the song at the end of the show "....Bill's asleep, Bill's asleep, mmmmmmmm....Bill's asleep, Bill's asleep......" Moreover after hearing Ms Deborah Rice in the montage reading the bulletin, I remember going to the same piano teacher in Strathfield and she was two to three pupils ahead of me.

Thank you,
Anthony of non-forgetting Belfield
Tribute to the voices of the 0745 ABC News bulletin
22 September 2020 - 6:29pm
Poor DAB+ reception in tunnels could cost lives? Bit of hyperbole, methinks. It's more likely preserve our sanity by cutting out some of the drivel fromshock jocks.

But seriously - if DAB+ is available in a car, then so, most likely, is the ability to connect to streaming via mobile internet. Streaming's also available in areas not served by DAB+ or even decent FM reception.

I don't drive through tunnels much, but I use DAB+ and streaming almost exclusively in the car. I'd rather have a DAB+ signal which cuts out momentarily than marginal FM reception.
Tunnel vision about digital radio could cost lives
22 September 2020 - 3:12pm
Norway decommissioned all analog radio in 2017. For their huge number of tunnels they use http://www.paneda.no/break-in-systems-for-tunnels/
which are coupled with leaky RF cable down the length of the tunnel as used for FM.
Dingram, the coverage area of capital city DAB+ broadcasts has been made by using spot checks. They need to find the black spots by using the ACMA
s software www.myswitch.gov.au but with the European Broadcasting Union's requirements for reliable reception. There are quite a few metro TV translator sites which also require DAB+ repeaters. A repeater receives and transmits on the same channel.

Nigel, the reason why the Canadian DAB failed was that it was on 1.4 GHz band not 200 MHz and also it was the old DAB which has poorer error correction and inefficient audio compression.

For regional Australia DAB+ does not have a large enough coverage area and there are only 8 transmission channels available. A much better option is Digital Radio Mondiale in the vacant TV channels 0 - 2 ie 47 - 50, 54 - 68 MHz. The free space loss through the air is 1/12th of that of DAB+ and 1/4 of FM. There is a 6 channel modulator which can carry all 18 ABC/SBS digital programs on one transmitter. DRM can also carry noise free, no distortion, stereo sound on the high frequency (SW) band to cover the whole of Australia from a high powered transmitter in the centre of Australia.

Tunnel vision about digital radio could cost lives
Nigel Holmes
22 September 2020 - 10:42am
DAB+ was a European solution to a European problem. Next to worthless as a distribution option for most of Australia. Its best application was in urban environments such as Sydney yet what do we find today??

Canada correctly identified the fragility of DAB+ in a broadcast space with similar population dispersal and densities.

Data networks for the mobile market will ride rough shod over DAB+ in CBD & town and the ultra regional folk will continue to enjoy AM while it lasts.
Tunnel vision about digital radio could cost lives
James O'Brien
22 September 2020 - 4:05am
I'm not about to begin a debate about the decision, but the first three sentences of this story are false.

"The ABC’s quarter to eight news disappeared quietly this morning.
The final 0745 bulletin went to air on local radio stations last Friday, without a mention that it would be the last bulletin. This morning there was also no mention of the format change, which had been flagged in July as part of the response to budget cuts in the ABC News division."

The final bulletins were in fact on Sunday and not Friday.

Both Friday and Sunday's bulletins included reads about the schedule change.

The exact text on Friday was " From Monday morning, there'll be a change to ABC radio news bulletins. Tune in at 7 o'clock as usual for 10 minutes of news, then we'll have a new bulletin at 8, and AM begins at 5 past 8. Of course we'll continue to bring you breaking news across the day on ABC Radio Sydney (and online at abc.net.au) The time now ... a minute to 8."

Sunday's bulletin also included a 60-second tribute, featuring audio from well-known newsreaders from the past.

There have also significant on-air farewells to readers in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne during Breakfast shows.

To suggest this occured without on-air comment is false.

I have emailed Steve with this information, as well as attached audio, but I've not heard back, so I thought I'd comment here.
ABC 0745 News Bulletin quietly disappears
21 September 2020 - 10:30pm
I have read the EU directive. It does not mention the word DAB or DAB+ but use the words digital radio instead.
It should be noted that digital radio is used by mobile broadband as well as DRM.

Many new radios use software designed radios. DRM and DAB+ signal processing are identical except for some parameter settings. The major difference between the DAB+ and DRM is just the filter used to select the frequency the user wishes to listen to.

DAB+ is the highest frequency used by broadcast radio and as a result has the smallest coverage area. DRM will work at many lower frequencies, extending the coverage area and minimises the size of black spots.
Three months for EU Member States to implement EECC on DAB
21 September 2020 - 4:42pm
As someone who often still has to drive in Sydney, I'll admit I seldom tune to DAB+ on our new car radio because it is so hit-and-miss - usually at a critical moment in a news bulletin. But please bear a thought for those of us living in rural and regional Australia, for whom DAB+ remains no more than a far-off pipe dream. We have the cars and the DAB sets in our our homes but not a hope in hell of making use of them in the foreseeable future. I remember more than two decades ago taking part in industry planning committees for the introduction of DAB. We were excited, energised and even drew up our own network schedules for the great new digital radio age. What a waste of time that was. Even the best networks in Australia still run only a fraction of the programming DAB should enable and it is still unavailable altogether outside the major cities. Yes, web radio, streaming and podcasting on mobile devices have made DAB less attractive, but we are now heading towards a situation where whole generations of Australian radio listeners will have skipped from terrestrial analogue to Internet-delivered mobile digital radio without ever once tuning in their DAB-ready sets. It's 8-track, Betamax and DAT all over again. We should all be ashamed. Tunnel vision about digital radio could cost lives
Anthony The Koala
21 September 2020 - 4:42pm
I clearly recall in the late 1980s when the Sydney Harbour Tunnel was constructed that repeaters/transmitters for AM Stereo were installed to cater for those using the tunnel. AM Stereo was officially on air for three years.

DAB+ has officially been on air since 2009. More vehicles are installed with AM/FM/DAB+ infotainment systems. More than one million vehicles have an AM/FM/DAB+ receiver, source https://www.digitalradioplus.com.au/vehicles-with-dab .It wouldn't be too hard to put a repeater/transmitter? It has been achieved in Europe with emergency services utilizing DAB, page 19, https://www.digitalradioplus.com.au/CMSPages/GetFile.aspx?guid=1fdb68fe-ffbb-4429-bf34-438ff036582a

Seamless operation between receiving the DAB+ signal outside and inside the tunnel is possible without having to reconfigure the car's radio receiver, https://www.vdl.fr/media/file/ds_trs2_en_v2.pdf .

The signals from the multiplex are received, filtered and retransmitted throughout the tunnel. The tunnel management can override the incoming signal with emergency messages.

Why stop at Harbour tunnels? Why not include the Metro-West tunnels where passengers can listen to their particular DAB+ services?

The technology to re-broadcast/transmit tunnels is available why not have these facilities installed?

Thank you,
Anthony from thinking Belfield
Tunnel vision about digital radio could cost lives
Secret Squid
18 September 2020 - 12:23am
Given the choice of listening to the right wing talk garbage piped into 54HI, I would listen to triple M any day. Just saying. Mining decision the pits: Is ACMA playing fast and loose?


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