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22 February 2021 - 1:09pm
I'm really loving this! Congrats to everyone! And can we please have more stories about people of colour. We do a lot of great work in the industry, not just in community radio.
2021 Community Voices participants announced
Anthony The Koala
22 February 2021 - 9:27am
Here are some callsigns which are available as at 0924, 22-02-2021.
Yes some stations may not exist such as VL2UV (ceased transmission in 1986).

2FC, 2UW, 2KY, 2EA, 2RDJ, VL2UV, 2RPH, 2000FM, PNN, 2CBA, 2NX

Thank you,
Anthony of quick-checking Belfield
What's On Your Plates?
20 February 2021 - 11:49am
PpLimbaugh will certainly be remembered for being influential. Unfortunately his bbrand of loud-mouthed opinion has infested our airwaves too, and is the antithesis of good journalism. Rush Limbaugh dies after a battle with lung cancer
20 February 2021 - 10:14am
With all due respect to the author, I don’t think the subject is as cut and dried as he thinks it is. I have seen plenty of support for Facebook and their position, and the steps they have taken in public forums over the last few days.

Did Facebook Blink?
Anthony The Koala
20 February 2021 - 1:41am
Without pre-empting the author's forthcoming comments on Monday (22-02-2021), I would like to make remarks on Facebook and the 1970 "pay for play" dispute and third party "ticket clipping" food deliverers. The latter comment may not necessarily apply to broadcasting but applies to workers.

First, the author raised the issue of what happened during the 1970 "pay for play" dispute between the radio stations who argued that they were selling the record companies' product, while the record companies argued that they were not being paid for radio stations using the record companies' products.

In the meantime, record companies refused to even supply their product to radio stations. Australian artists were caught in the malaise, with some radio stations not playing their music and others playing their music.

At the same time, it was an opportunity for Australian artists to make cover recordings of UK artists such as "The Mixtures'" cover of "Mungo Jerry's" 'Yellow River' and Liv Maessen's cover of Mary Hopkins' 'Knock Knock Who's There?' . Many of these covers topped the charts. An example of an album of all-Australian artists including UK covers is "20 Fable Chartbusters"

A closing of one door was the opportunity for the opening of the door the growth of local talent.

Could the closing down of Australian Facebook pages represent the opportunity to thrive without Facebook? Facebook was supposed to block off Australian media channels but unfortunately Facebook's algorithm's also blocked off non-media sites. Facebook's CEO apologised, source https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/we-are-sorry-senior-facebook-exec-apologises-for-blocking-health-emergency-sites-20210219-p5745a.html.

The answer could be yes if 'blocks' to non-media Facebook sites are sustained for a long time and the various non-media groups seek alternatives to post messages and developers take the risk to develop new social media pages.

Otherwise it will be business as usual. Yet, society has lived without social media. Though the days are gone when one had tune in to 2UE to find out whether one's local school sports carnival was postponed, alternative social media sites could post notification of the postponement of a sports carnival. Then there's SMS through the mobile phone network.

For media organisations, our Prime Minister, The Hon. Scott Morrison has taken a courageous step to pass laws with support of the opposition that social media companies pay a royalty to news organisations. The rest of the world is following our Prime Minister's lead.

Secondly, when it comes to delivering of food by third party "ticket clippers", the problem is while the early adopters, the restaurants, made gains, unfortunately, I believe the latter adopters out of fear joined in.

Personally, if I want a pizza, I'll rock up to my local pizza restaurant. I never use the pizza shop's delivery service and third party "ticket clippers".

If you think that the local restaurant is being ripped off by the "third party ticket clippers", the person delivering the product may well also be a victim of a lack of safety education and the take-it-or-leave-it contracts. In one instance, two workers objected to their pay being cut by 30% and were dismissed. Industrial action is taking place now:


Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield

Did Facebook Blink?
18 February 2021 - 4:44pm
As I understand it, Fordham received notice about Bernardos’ Mother of the Year award ending because he’s one of their ambassadors. Fordham then broke the news of the decision, which he called “disappointing”. Media Watch got hissy because he turned a charitable relationship into tacky tabloid journalism. It seems there’re lessons for everyone involved.
A hard lesson for Bernardos to either not appoint ambassadors like Fordham (who are useful for fundraising in good times) or to make it clear in writing the confidentiality issues involved in being an ambassador.
For Fordham, he needs to know that being a brand ambassador comes with certain ethical responsibilities that may content with his job as a journalist. And he needs to decide how he’ll react to a conflict BEFORE he takes on the ambassador role – not afterwards.
And Media Watch have been reminded that the ethical world they like to inhabit doesn’t have the same atmosphere as the one Fordham breaths. It’ll produce fewer gotcha stories but save some heartburning indignation in the long run.
Ben Fordham hits back at Mediawatch for asking 'ridiculous' questions
18 February 2021 - 9:12am
Are we really surprised?

TV media mostly and newspapers ( they are irrelvant anyway) publish news stories, THEY SHARE THEM with google and facebook to have a wider reach, yet THEY want facebook and google to PAY THEM for THEM SHARING articles?

So if I want to advertise my business in murdochs regime, then why am I paying murdoch? going by the media and govts line of thought, THEY should be paying me for that privilege.

This was never going to end well, and frankly I'm glad facebook grew some balls and stood up to murdochs law.
Radio stations blocked from Facebook
13 February 2021 - 3:39pm
Oh dear, probably just not a good cultural fit. Radio is what it is. I still love radio. Burn your radio for Beyond Blue
7 February 2021 - 2:39pm
Hi great promo . But I did The Talking Billboard in Auckland in1987 at 91FM in Auckland NZ we did a week of Breakfast broadcasts from a billboard at the Fanshawe Street on ramp to the southern motorway, The top Marks from rival station 89FM did their best to sabotage it The Talking Billboard was a huge success Ben & Liam's billboard show stops traffic in Adelaide, but they weren't the first
1 February 2021 - 11:42am
Standard oil monopoly was mentioned, much more recently was the break up of the USA telecommunications monopoly of ITT
The company was founded in 1920 as International Telephone & Telegraph. During the 1960s and 1970s, the company rose to prominence as the archetypal conglomerate, deriving its growth from hundreds of acquisitions in diversified industries.

ITT divested its telecommunications assets in 1986. Also The 1982 United States v. AT&T antitrust lawsuit resulted in the divestiture of AT&T Corporation's.
The long and short of it is that the tech giant's have too much power and the USA needs to break them up like they have in the past.
How Big Tech will Crush Aussie Media: It’s making the News


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