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Anthony The Koala
9 November 2020 - 12:46pm
The story of the withdrawal of UBD advertisement from Ray Hadley's program because of the "getting routed" remark reminds me of the radio comedy series "The Naked Vicar Show". The show featured a regular gardening segment "Getting Rooted" where the two hosts 'Cec' and 'Cyril' spoke like Alan Seale (RIP) the host of the ABC's "In Your Garden". I don't know if Mr Seale was offended by the take takeoff of his voice. Here's a sample of the regular segment, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XVxKgFpgb4 . Obviously comedy exaggerates the traits of a real life character, and the Naked Vicar Show's "Getting Rooted" segment exaggerated Alan Seale's whistling 's'. Here is Alan Seale selling Mortein where he says with a whistling 's' "...aphids, lacebugs, even caterpillars....", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7EBWmNQNko.

The Naked Vicar Show was comedy, not a morning talk show where the audience of consisting of stay-at-home parents may well be offended to to hear an advertisement encouraging their partners to "....get routed..." , reference, https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/youre-wrong-you-half-wit-you-know-nothing-about-talk-radio.

While I wouldn't call the exchange or the dressing down of a person by Mr Hadley as shocking. Generally, the 'dressing down' of a person whether a marketing director or CEO or government minister occurs if the policy is wrong. The late Stan Zemanek's insults included "numbnut", "you moron" and "socialist criminal" to callers including regulars as Bruce The Goose (RIP) who did not agree with Stan's view of the world.

Despite Kyle Sandilands' vulgar language and despite the apologies by the particular radio network, https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/kyle-sandilands-has-finally-issued-an-apology-for-vile-rant-about-news-ltd-journalist-ali-stephenson/news-story/87335dc524fbd2aaabdd99f438258745?sv=1eebb42ced5fc8feb75353f5589ba466, he's still employed.

Ironically, 2UE's Arch Tambakis was dismissed within one week of calling the then Opposition Leader Mr Howard a liar. That never happened when Alan Jones referred to PM Julia Gillard as "Juliar". It was also below the belt when asking the NZ PM Julia Ardern to "...put a sock in it..."

Could Mr Trump be a shock jock? He may well be. He and US shock jocks tried to portray presidential candidate Mr Obama as being ineligible because he was not an American citizen when in fact he was by dint of being born in Hawaii in 1963 long after Hawaii became a state in 1959.

Then there's the REPEATED MISREPRESENTATION by Mr Trump and US shock jocks of the citizens of Kenya uttering "...he's one of us..." as being evidenced of not being a US citizen. The repetition of the misrepresentation went for months. Reference of "...he's one of us..."
Mr Obama's ancestry, when the citizens .

This is not a discussion of Mr Trump's successes and failures as President, but if Mr Trump was to repeat and misrepresent a fact such as Mr Obama's citizenry to fit a political agenda, then what if any shock jock was to misrepresent Kamala Harris's citizenry because the citizen's of her mother's Indian village's were celebrating "one of their own" to the second highest position in the US.

It would not surprise me if the US shock jocks would impute ineligibility of office by a promotion to the presidency by misrepresentation of "she's one us" as being evidence of non-citizenry.

Consequently, a US-style shock jock should NOT be relied on as a source of news and current affairs. In contrast, the 'shock' element in Australian presenters goes to the attacking character as the result of and their views and policies as exemplified by Mr Hadley and Mr Zemanek.

Thank you,
Anthony of critical Belfield
How to be a Shock Jock - secret revealed!
Anthony The Koala
9 November 2020 - 11:21am
Digital delivery via IP streams of radio content easily lend themselves for audience metrics. However, there are no 'terrestrial receivers' with a network connection on the market which are connected to an IP network.

Although IP networks can deliver quality audio as high as CD or DAB+ (or more depending on the bitrates) , the listener/consumer may have to pay more for consuming data via a ISP' data plan whether the audio stream is delivered live or by a file (such as mp3, mp4, ogg). This is whether the consumer is in the geographic market or outside the geographic market.

It is true that listening outside the geographic region can also mean another market to target the listener. Thus the capacity for audience metrics via IP streams to people outside the broadcsater's geographic market is a boon for the broadcaster.

Furthermore, a signal delivered by IP streams is not subject to the ionospheric fading and noise of long distance analogue listening via AM MW or SW. Though depending on network capacity, the dreaded "rotating circle" can interrupt the active listener's listening pleasure.

The topic of DRM+ terrestrial radio by commercial broadcasters is not on the legislative agenda.

Nevertheless, the audience metrics discussed by the author is not available to listeners consuming terrestrial AM/FM/DAB+ radio and that is a very large chunk of the radio audience compared to IP delivery.

Consequently as a listener I don't want to pay for consuming a free-to-air broadcast via IP streaming when the only net cost of listening to terrestrial radio is the power and my own time.

Remember it is the extra cost of the data plans that a consumer will pay especially for audiences listening to a broadcast in the car via the car's infotainment's Android or Apple Play. That's unless you want to listen to a station outside the geographic location and prepared to pay for consuming data.

In conclusion, the metrics to measure whether the listener is active or passive can only be delivered via IP streams. Broadcasters will miss out on valuable listening metrics when many listeners use terrestrial radios (AM/FM/DAB+) which don't have a network cable or micro-sd connection. In addition to measure audience metrics described in this article via terrestrial radio would require a human with a clipboard spending time with the listener. That is costly and an inconvenience to the consumer.

Thank you,
Anthony of Belfield, where excitement abounds.
Hearing vs. Listening
7 November 2020 - 1:36pm
I should have added that most DAB+ radios have an info button or menu which will show the data rate for each broadcast.
St John
80's stations lead nationally: DAB+ Survey
7 November 2020 - 11:56am
Thanks for the comment.
I should add that the drops in listeners in Perth are not due to the Covid virus because the only restrictions at the time of survey were affecting large entertainment venues eg Optus Stadium and live theatre, and of course the closed border. Even cinemas were open with reduced allowable audience.

I would like to know if the same drops in sound quality have been applied in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane all of which have an additional transmitter each.
80's stations lead nationally: DAB+ Survey
6 November 2020 - 10:26am

We always love your comments and also the discussions they often elicit between you and Anthony the Koala.

Commenting on your last point, just for clarity, it is a policy decision by the ratings committee that all surveyed stations with a mainstream analog licence will have figures from their digital transmission platforms published as aggregated figures with analog. This includes DAB+ and online streaming transmission.

While the platforms are differentiated for the internal information of survey subscribers, they are not published separately in the publicly released figures.
80's stations lead nationally: DAB+ Survey
5 November 2020 - 5:08pm
I notice that many of the Perth commercial DAB+ stations have had a drop in listenership. Six of 25 commercial stations use 48 kbit/s data rate and the rest use the lowest quality 32 kbit/s. There are 7 community stations who vary from mono 32 kbit/s speech to stereo 64 kbit/s music.
ABC has all of its music channels on stereo 80 kbit/s, Local radio on stereo 64 kbit/s which includes some news interviews in stereo, and speech channels at mono 40 kbit/s. SBS varies in stereo between 40 and 72 kbit/s
Perth and Adelaide have only one Commercial/Community transmitter and a Government transmitter.
None of the commercial stations have any images most of the government stations have images, many stations have text usually for track names.
Lastly there is no separate ratings between the analog and digital versions of the simulcast stations.
80's stations lead nationally: DAB+ Survey
5 November 2020 - 1:00pm
Highest Cume does not equal "most listened to". Most listened to would be the station with the highest share (of listening) which is derived from a combnation of cume and TSL.
2GB is most listened to in Sydney.

EDITOR: Thanks for pointing it out Michael, we have changed the terminology slightly to "station with the most listeners."
Analysis: Radio ratings survey 7 2020
Anthony The Koala
5 November 2020 - 9:40am
Brief comments:
For 2CH, it is ironic that its swansong ratings, the last as an AM music station, has increased to 5%. But how will it measure as a DAB+ only station in survey 8, if it will continue to participate in the Gfk ratings system.

For 2UE, its ratings have barely changed. Given the highly automated nature of its presentation, it may well make a profit compared to higher ratings when it was a sports/talk and lifestyle channel.

Not present in this survey, it has barely established. Wait for survey 8 and survey 1 in 2021.

Market leader. With no weighting of Alan's program during survey 7, it was exclusively Ben's breakfast program. A minor drop from 17.3 to 16.1. Hope he can sustain it. Ray is the market leader in the mornings 17.2 and John is the leader in the evenings at 16.9.

Anthony of exciting Belfield
Will Survey 7 be radio’s second wave? Find out here, this morning at 9.30
Anthony The Koala
5 November 2020 - 9:27am
If there is a lesson in expanding to streaming services, "The Australian", 5-11-2020 reports on Foxtel rationalising its streaming services. It includes closing apps, https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/media/fox-sports-to-can-apps-and-focus-on-website-foxsportscomau/news-story/28d55046d782558239bebc1966d51013 .

It does not mean that streaming services will go away, but this is a lesson in determining what is good for customers.

Similarly, with the cost of setting up a home studio, there are a plethora of podcasts being made. Not all producers of podcasts survive for very long unless you have deep pockets in either or both resources and time OR love the topic covered in the podcast.

Great podcasts are to the point, for example the ABC's "Coronacast" or many ABC radio programs uploaded as podcasts. Other podcasts are too chatty that could be said in five minutes. For example this site discussed a podcast about bullying from a "traffic reporter" and other talent.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Radio is catching up fast with on-demand
Anthony The Koala
4 November 2020 - 4:45am
Hope 103.2 (formerly 2CBA-FM) has been broadcasting Christmas-oriented music for nearly two weeks on DAB+ channel "Hope Christmas". Will "Elf Radio" make a comeback?
Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield

Santa Radio is a little early this year, hoping to spread some cheer


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