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1 February 2021 - 9:39am
You know - if Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram decide they won't pay a pittance for the news content they profit from, and they decide to take their bat-n-ball and go home … I'm sure we'll cope. How Big Tech will Crush Aussie Media: It’s making the News
Anthony The Koala
31 January 2021 - 3:02pm
Mr Banks description of the indigenous people of NZ as "...genetically predisposed to crime, alcohol, and underperformance educationally..." source https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/john-banks-axed-over-m%C4%81ori-%E2%80%98stone-age-culture%E2%80%99-comments-nz%E2%80%99s-magic-talk and https://thespinoff.co.nz/media/27-01-2021/calls-to-can-john-banks-over-stone-age-culture-comments-about-maori-on-magictalk/ vicariously offends me.

It says two things.

First that if such a "shock jock" type statement attracts listeners of his ilk in order to attract an audience it says that he is a racist and his audience are racists.

Second while Mr Banks was an MP, what did he and his party do to ameliorate the situation of the indigenous people who may be predisposed to crime, alcohol and underachievement in education to encourage these people to aim high?

To put it another way, what did Mr Banks do to bring people together. It would bring in a larger audience than a market niche of racist knuckle draggers.

Thank you,
Anthony of inclusive Belfield
NZ talk radio host John Banks will never work for MediaWorks again
Christian Arge
28 January 2021 - 4:24am
Terrific piece Peter ! Another Australia Day, another controversy
27 January 2021 - 12:38pm
I've though about the idea of making the I Am Australian song the National Anthem. It's too complex of a song to be the anthem. One of the reasons we hear the US anthem sung with so much strain is because musically it's a very difficult melody to sing. Change Australia Day to the last Monday in January, make it a long weekend.

The ABC sparked constructive debate about Australia Day this year. Triple Js decision to move the Hottest 100 reflected the prevailing attitude of the audience they represent so it was a reasonable move for them rather than a political statement.
Another Australia Day, another controversy
Anthony The Koala
27 January 2021 - 12:17pm
It is ironic that the Senior Australian of the Year, 2021, Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann AM, Aboriginal activist, educator and artist, accepted her award with grace and humility. In 1975, she became the NT's first teacher of Aboriginal heritage. There was no grievance. She also received an AM on the 26th January 1998, that is Australia Day,

Her citation:


She stood and stands for the education of including more Aboriginal teachers and the education of Aboriginal children. Education is what will lift people out of poverty.

She is an activist and a doer and her activities were also recognized by the Charles Darwin University, https://www.cdu.edu.au/sites/default/files/governance/docs/Miriam-Rose-Ungunmerr-Baumann.pdf .

Australia Day is a day of reflection of who we are and also a recognition of the role models in our society through the Australian of The Year Awards

Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann AM, is a role model who by example and teaching will lead children into learning in order to get themselves out of inter-generational poverty.

This is unlike the characters portrayed in the movie "Rabbit Proof Fence", based on a true story, where the girls wanted to escape being relegated to a life of being a servant instead of belonging to their community or may I add, getting an education for trade or profession.

In regards to the National Anthem, "Advance Australia Fair", the quality of the musical arrangement can make it stirring or a dirge. Two examples of the musical arrangement which make stirring include (a) the broadcast, by the ABC, 26-01-2021 from Lake Burley Griffin of the National Anthem with the ANU Choir with piano and didgeridoo accompaniment and (b) the National Anthem arranged by Tommy Tycho (RIP).

I would suggest a replacement of that "girt" word or restructuring the lyrics to continue to convey that our land is bounded/surrounded by the sea.

For me that "girt" word reminds me of a person Gertie who came to my place for my 2nd birthday who was on the turps and a laugh that would sound like coughing up of phlegm. I cannot separate Gertie and "girt".

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Another Australia Day, another controversy
Krazy Kevin
25 January 2021 - 6:07pm
Totally agree...Kyle is a ......well can't say it here...but who listens to him??
Kyle wins UnAustralian of the Year Award
15 January 2021 - 1:19pm
I dont find Mick that funny. He needs a co-pilot in my view. Jane brings a lot to the show. Be hard to fill that void. Jane Kennedy is stepping away from Triple M
Darren Moss
12 January 2021 - 6:31am
Interesting read David.
I think for radio, 10 years from now, listeners will still want engaging content that's relevant to their interests and perhaps even current mood, delivered on the platform most convenient for listening / viewing.
Imagine If Jeff Bezos Attended Your Next Strategy Meeting
Anthony The Koala
12 January 2021 - 2:59am
If you want to know the problem with the media in the US, as a "rough guide", I suggest that one watches the movies "Vice", "The Loudest Voice" (series) and "Bombshell", particularly "Vice" and "The Loudest Voice". It starts with the rescinding the laws which required broadcasters to be balanced. For example, the network depicted in movies did not let the other side express their viewpoint. In "The Loudest Voice", an interviewee who expressed views opposite to the network and its presenters were shouted down. I have seen Bill O'Reilly do the same thing with views by angrily shouting at the talent with opposite views to O'Reilly.

Prima facie, having talent with opposite views to the network is entertaining. The 'flip side' is that viewers will not hear an alternative side.

Rather than shouting and suppressing talent with opposite views, wouldn't it have been more constructive for the interviewer to ask questions through its own political prism, and at the same time, the interviewee (talent) respond critically and intelligently. That could regardless of political prism.

In addition, as this article addresses the US 'shock jocks' unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and giving the audience impression that they're in a perpetual state of crisis, one story or issue at a time.

So the US has a substantial size of its populace consuming Fox and shock jocks. This kind of culture is closed to other viewpoints or the opportunity to challenge other viewpoints or even accepting other viewpoints.

But suppose Mr Trump didn't like CNN. Instead of attacking and insulting non-Fox and non-shock-jock media, he should have availed himself of being interviewed on CNN and intelligently refuted anything proffered by the interviewer. The gold standard is Mr John Laws OBE, in his book "Lawsie: Well You Wanted To Know", ISBN 9781742579870. Even if the mini polls he conducted favoured Mr Fraser, Mr Laws was open to interviewing Mr Whitlam and Mr Hayden.

People from both sides of politics were invited onto the show and they were prepared to express and defend their views. Not for the Fox and shock-jock programmers.

But there is a general malaise in the reporting of news. News has become entertainment, the time of coverage of talent's views has been reduced from 42 seconds to a few seconds, "if it bleeds and leads". The news departments in terms of its bottom line, pages 935, 936 C.T. Bogus, "The Death of an Honourable Profession" (1996),71 IndianaL. J. 911,

The seven second grab is the new normal. BUT saying the essential message in 140 characters has been reduced to rants.

Regardless of Mr Trump's policies which included midway through the administration's term the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and 400 thousand manufacturing jobs, to name a few, https://www.whitehouse.gov/trump-administration-accomplishments/ .

One cannot convey a message in 140 characters of the administration's achievements. We rely on the media to convey what is happening around the world, and what is happening in government and business.

For the media to take a particular by closing alternative views and not lend itself to constructive criticism is not healthy.

Similarly, the talent must also be open to answer questions intelligently from interviewers whose views may be contrary to the interviewer.

Thank you,
Anthony of critical Belfield

If Twitter can dump Trump, so can Radio and other MSM too
Tiger by the tail
12 January 2021 - 12:21am
Peter, you have nailed your true colours to the mast. Maybe a editorial position awaits you at the ABC.
I access the radioinfo website regularly to see what is happening specifically to the Australian radio scene. But the last thing I expect to see is a personal tirade about a non-radio political identity in another land.
Come on Peter: lets get back to the basics about what your website is meant to report and represent because your previous commentary has generally been balanced, relevant, informative and non-emotive. Please stick to your knitting!
How did it come to this? And what can Radio do about it?


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