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Jerimiah Busniak
16 August 2011 - 4:30am
'As a wise PD once said to me, "If you want a well paid, secure job go work in a bank"'

That's the kind of out-dated thinking a lot of people are taking issue with I think Phil. Why/how is that statement acceptable? That's not entirely encouraging to hear from a leader of aspiring radio talent, and it's certainly not the attitude of management where I work.

Radio has changed, media has changed, and is only going to keep changing. As long as you're working hard coming up with innovative, refreshing content/ideas that are on target, I think you're more than entitled to a 'well paid secure job'.
Where have all the real radio people gone?
Radio Guy
16 August 2011 - 4:30am
Hi Phil

My figures are based.on fact. Why don't we use our real names? Because by being anonymous we can highlight the issues about an industry that quite a few of us still work in.
Where have all the real radio people gone?
Passionate Young Radio Guy
16 August 2011 - 4:30am
"P.S Why are some of you afraid to use your real name? Why are you hiding behind a pseudonym"


You should already know that we want to protect our identities because it might cause trouble for some of us who want to speak out, especially those who still work in your network.

" 'As a wise PD once said to me, "If you want a well paid, secure job go work in a bank"' "

So you say that to your interviewees and then wonder why they are suddenly not interested? This rings alarm bells with me. I don't think I would want to work for you if that's what your mind set is.

You say you pay above award wage? How about putting this in your job adverts? Also, 38k, even 40k is not much compared with the average Aussie wage of $1200 per week. Even though your rent appears to be a little cheaper, it is still very hard to find a cheap place in Darwin competing with all those public servants. A quick look at realestate.com.au confirms this. Take into account that most people are away from friends and family and will want to be able to afford to fly back once every couple of months or so.

The fact that you are a main boss living in a 1 bedroom studio apartment for so called cheap rent tells me that not even you are getting all that well paid by the owners of Darwin.

So how much exactly do you pay your announcers if it is so good?

The following information would be buzzing around the heads of many young jocks before applying for a job in Darwin so long as there are good people in the industry like me advising them of who to and who NOT to work for based on our experience.

In recent times (edited by moderator), you have lost a Journo, a work day announcer on Hot100, 2 breakfast announcers from mix and 1 from hot. I’m sure there are more people on this board that will confirm that info if the recent job adverts are anything to go by.

Anybody see the elephant in the room?
Where have all the real radio people gone?
15 August 2011 - 4:30am
Oh ... who cares?
Put it in the promo and spare us will you.
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Eddie Olek
15 August 2011 - 4:30am
Phil, couldn't agree more! I did the country rounds and ended up back home in Melbourne. But having said that, sadly times have changed. Going out 'to the bush to learn you craft' is no longer on the agenda. Then there is the issue of trying to survive on what country radio now pays (with the cost of living). Then there is also the issue of finding a station that isn't networked 20 hours a day! There are issues here on both sides of the fence.... Where have all the real radio people gone?
15 August 2011 - 4:30am
This article makes me sad and mad at the same time... As someone who is a real radio person, who did the hard yards at a regional station, community station and even a metro station, i returned from my regional gig and couldnt even get an interview! I was told I had too much experience for a junior role in a metro station, but not enough experience to get in front of the PDs. Willing to move anywhere, it was frustrating, and after 6 months of applying for radio jobs, I gave up the dream I'd been actively pursuing for 6 years!! Still miss it, and still wish I could get back in, but now i'm frightened to apply again after so much rejection. (FYI my regional show was number 1 for 2 years... and still no love!) Where have all the real radio people gone?
Steve Wilkins
14 August 2011 - 4:30am
I believe that the problem has been generated by the accountants who seem to be running radio, instead of radio people running radio. Radio is much more than a businus and in a way, the purest form of business. If you build it, the money will come. The stars of radio today are the sales reps who can sell un-listenable stations. The radio stars have been lost to automation and networking. The listeners want to listen to people on the radio, but now they are forced to listen to a recording. Is that our future? If it is, why would anyone want to be a part? Where have all the real radio people gone?
Radio Guy
13 August 2011 - 4:30am
Lets put this into perspective.

Lets say Darwin pays staff $36-38 thousand a year. Not bad money right? But lets not forget Darwin is one of the most expensive places in the country to live.

A 1 room studio apartment can set you back $310-350 per week, that is over half of your weekly wage gone. Now lets talk bills, because you always have the aircon on due to the heat, you can expect a bill for your overpriced 1 room studio apartment of around $525 per quarter. Then phone/internet/mobile and if you drive, car expenses.

Not much is left, Darwin's lifestyle is great, a party town, but you don't have any money to enjoy it.

Stations need to stop paying just the award rate and look at cost of living. Radio people are out there but if you can't afford to live, why would they come.

Also, seeing so many people leave since Phil took on the role of the PD, it would also worry people. Its such a big move to make with the worry of what the boss is like.
Where have all the real radio people gone?
13 August 2011 - 4:30am
The lack of interest by employees (or straight lack of employees) reflects the lack of people management and development by managers in the industry. Leaving radio for another media perspective, I'm sorry I didn't make the shift sooner.
I was excited by radio straight out of uni and experienced many roles in the past ten years, aspiring for more. But crap pay and unrealistic expectations throughout takes it's toll. The radio market has brought the lack of talent pool upon itself with extensive networking and automation.

Also, there seems to be a gap larger then Kyle Sandilands' ego between what makes a good manager and what makes a good radio station executive.
Where have all the real radio people gone?
Elwyn Scott
13 August 2011 - 4:30am
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