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20 April 2010 - 4:30am
Ridge Radio is an online radio station and does not have a community licence and/or an AM/FM transmission. Dumb and Dumber caught hacking in to radio station

19 April 2010 - 4:30am
I've really enjoyed Vizard this morning, some interesting people (imagine his black book!) and Price had a good morning with Aker and Sam.

I'm glad they've used the 2GB jingle pack on MTR, sounds tight. No-one can throw stones at them for that, everyone does it!

So far, so good. Interesting to see how Martin King will go.
MTR heavy on outrage, light on ads - for now

18 April 2010 - 4:30am
I disagree with the claims that it won't last 6 months. I think there will be some lineup changes, but i think it will work. Possibly not as good as 3AW because their listners are quite loyal. 3AW will loose a small percent, but nothing to majorly impact them MTR heavy on outrage, light on ads - for now

17 April 2010 - 4:30am
Jag3146, whoever you are, you are wrong. And you don't know what you are talking about. Ash Long is not a servant of 3AW. I, in fact, pay THEM, to air our weekly Melbourne Observer commercial spots. The new radio station is not in competition with our newspaper. I am not scared of a new radio network in town, I welcome it. MTR heavy on outrage, light on ads - for now

16 April 2010 - 4:30am
This is good news, Digital Radio will only get bigger in Australia with more radio's coming from Asia, China etc. Those people who haven't heard Digital yet will see more radio's in retail stores & hopely at a cheaper price too. Digital radio nations visit Australia

16 April 2010 - 4:30am
This new talk station will have little or no inpack on the 3 other talk stations in Melbourne 3AW 693, ABC 774 & SEN 1116. I'll give it 6 months before 1377 AM will go back to a easy music format again. MTR heavy on outrage, light on ads - for now

16 April 2010 - 4:30am
MTR 1377 AM will not last 6 months against 3 other talk stations 3AW 693, ABC 774 & SEN 1116. MTR heavy on outrage, light on ads - for now

15 April 2010 - 4:30am
Hmm.... one of the improvements is that free_audio and show_prep now point to the homepage - maybe that's not intentional. For some reason, I can't find where my email address is set. Also the Faces for Radio page shows my photo is present, but the profile page shows it's vanished.

radioinfo upgrades site

15 April 2010 - 4:30am
Ash Long is a servant of 3AW. If this new station is going to be as bad as the Melbourne Observer and the Age believe, why are they so scared of it? Isn't competition meant to be a good thing? MTR heavy on outrage, light on ads - for now


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