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Anthony The Koala
12 April 2021 - 9:17am
".....newer offerings like Clubhouse are making a splash in what was once thought to be the exclusive domain of talk radio...."

"Clubhouse" is an app available only for iPhones with Android versions on the way.

An analogy with 1990s technology is that Clubhouse is a public party line with a maximum of 5000 users per chatroom. A moderator commences a 'forum' and users enter the chatroom by invitation-only.

As far as topics are concerned, there is a plethora topics such as health, business and politics.

An invited user may wish to talk-back by tapping on the speak button.

But like other social media, the quality of the information may well be dubious through un-referenced sources, regurgitated hearsay and full of conspiracy theories. Clubhouse may well have its share of jerks and abusers.

On the other hand, the quality of information may well be evidence-based.

That is the quality of the chatroom is as good as the moderator and invited users.

It follows that Clubhouse could enhance a broadcaster's programs in the same way as a broadcaster has its own Twitter and Facebook account.

Unfortunately the Clubhouse's chatroom session is not stored for posterity only to the extent that Clubhouse records the chatroom session for the purpose of a user making a complaint.

This is unlike the broadcaster's requirement to keep an audio log of its on air broadcasts for six weeks.

If Clubhouse has the facility to record a chatroom session, the quality of the audio transmission and presentation style of the moderator has to be taken into account.

Thus if a Clubhouse session can be made recordable, it may well enhance a broadcaster's spoken word sessions.

Given the ability of Elon Musk being a guest and speaker in a chatroom, it would not be too difficult for the chatroom moderator to organize guests to speak at a session.

I don't see why Clubhouse could incorporate instant messaging for the session.

Thank you
Anthony of interesting applications of things, Belfield
The future of radio is in the community
Cameron Syrett
12 April 2021 - 8:58am
Great article Peter. James Cridland has hit the nail on the head when he says localising content is the key. It always has been which, unfortunately, networking has taken away. The future of radio is in the community
12 April 2021 - 2:38am
Sirius is not only satellite but also streams for your subscription. This is because you cannot receive the satellite indoors. Satellite broadcasting is expensive and our small population cannot justify it. In addition most people like local content. The USA does not have government funded competition where as Canada, Australia and Europe does. Public radio is funded from philanthropic companies.

The Dashboard entertainment information is what xperi is pushing as part of hybrid radio. xperi owns HD radio which has very little data capacity so they want the radio to use mobile internet to obtain station logos and program related data such as song titles. They also push hyperlinking so you can push a button on the screen and that purchases that song from itunes! DAB+ and DRM do not need hybrid radio because the transmission power is much higher than the digital signal in HD radio.

The information displayed is not changing unless you change the station and the part which does change is text.

As for statistics on listening and receiver sales it is common to say that it has increased by ### but this can be off a tiny base. It needs to be as a proportion of the total listenership or all receiver sales regardless of type.

Dashboard entertainment and Radio more important during COVID: Xperi
Anthony The Koala
10 April 2021 - 5:22pm
The article failed to mention that "Australia Today" with Steve Price and Natarsha Belling is broadcast (in Sydney) on DAB+ with the channel named "Australia Today" at 202.9MHz Ch 9A at a datarate of 32kbs. I discovered the channel by 'accident' while rotating the channel selector.

The program is on a continuous loop interspersed with up-to-date news updates.

Because of the podcast nature of the show, the show loses "currency" after the 10am ending.

For example, coverage of the news of His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip's passing and funeral arrangements occurred after the program's 10am conclusion.

Another example is the discussion of sporting matches with Brett Thomas during the Friday 0700-1000, 09-04-2021 while listening to the podcast over the weekend (10-04-2021). Listening to the Friday program on Saturday afternoon, results of the discussed with Brett Thomas, matches are starting to come in.

Moreover, the news breaks presented by co-presenter Natarsha Belling are out-of-date. This does not include the 'live' news breaks by another presenter.

In conclusion, podcasts of talk shows may lose currency especially when it comes to breaking news. This was illustrated with the passing of a Member of The Royal Family and where the results of sporting matches with Brett Thomas.

Yet, it was good to hear that "Australia Today" is available on DAB+ (in Sydney) where one does not have to use pay for internet data consumption.

Nevertheless, the absence of the publicity of the presence of the "Australia Today" channel on DAB+ is disappointing.

On the other hand, if the future of news, sport and entertainment is via podcast, the "Australia Today" channel could be expanded to cover the shifts from 1000 onwards till 0700 to cover breaking and emerging news.

Thank you,
Anthony of thinking Belfield
Steve Price is back this week with a new daily show on LiSTNR
Anthony The Koala
10 April 2021 - 8:13am
Two critical points and one remark.

(1) I don't see how this report applies to Australia because subscription satellite radio is part of the listening mix in the US. However what may apply to Australia is that 80% of US listeners would prefer to listen to FTA broadcasts. This may suggest that entrepreneurs wishing to set up subscription radio in Australia may have difficulty in getting us to part with cash.

(2) The line beginning with "Dashboard entertainment/ information..." particularly the latter term "information" is vague. If the word "information" refers to the spoken word content such as news, talk, entertainment, that's fine.

At the same time, "...dashboard...information..." as depicted by the article's photo of an infotainment unit's dashboard display could also mean additional information on display on the infotainment's from digital services such as DAB+, DRM+ or IP.

Drivers should concentrate on the road instead of paying attention to informational distractions. Think of the reason why infotainment units with DVD capability will not operate the DVD while the car is ready (as in "Toyota's hybrid 'ready'").Therefore drivers must concentrate on the road at all times.

Final remark: The phrase "Fewer state they are listening to more podcast content (7%)..." is vague. It does not mention the whether the proportion of people listening to podcast content has increased or decreased. It also does not mention the magnitude of the "fewer" of those 7%.

It would have been more informative if the survey indicated the proportion of consumers listening to podcast in comparison to other audio content sourced from broadcast and IP streams.

Thank you,
Anthony of critical Belfield
Dashboard entertainment and Radio more important during COVID: Xperi
Anthony The Koala
8 April 2021 - 6:03am
The laboratory has found that subjects react differently to the three kinds of audio delivery, live radio, music streaming and podcasts. Thus strategies to sell advertising on the three delivery methods will differ.

More information can be obtained in real time from live radio and music streams including responses to the music content, the advertising and presenters.

However, with podcasts, due to the random times accessing the podcasts, there would a lack of more in-depth measurement of the subject's neurological responses to the content, whether music or spoken word and the neurological responses to the talent.

Consequently, more resources would be required to select a sample of subjects belonging to the the podcast domain and measure the subject's neurological responses to podcasts in its entirety.

The reason is that downloaded podcasts can have the advertising edited out from the podcast.

Thus, the scientist has no idea of the subject's responses to advertising.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting and thinking Belfield

ARN’s Neuro Lab release Sound You Can See
Anthony The Koala
7 April 2021 - 5:15am
Ms Obreja has shown that DRM has been used by education authorities to deliver education programs where the internet is not available or expensive. Also DRM has been used by border protection and the military.

If a DRM broadcast from New Zealand can be listened to in Spain clearly and not have its signal subject to variations in conditions of the ionosphere as per AM SW transmissions, then DRM should be a method of transmitting signals from Radio Australia to our Pacific Island neighbours.

Having Radio Australia transmit via SW DRM from Australia is not subject to its signals being cut off at its FM retransmission facilities or via IP networks.

According to the article, the price of DRM receivers is dropping. Why doesn't Australia supply DRM receivers to our Pacific Island neighbours as part of an aid package.

Subject to market research by the Australian Government of the Pacific Island neighbours radio needs, reinstating Radio Australia's SW service as a SW DRM service may well cover all the Pacific Islands as well as the rest of the world.

Thank you,
Anthony of logical Belfield

DRM delivers much more than audio: Ruxandra Obreja #DBS2021
Anthony The Koala
7 April 2021 - 4:53am
Why not give listeners the opportunity to listen via terrestrial radio whether AM or FM or DAB+ instead of paying for internet data rates which may vary according to the internet plan?
Thank you,
Anthony of Belfield
Steve Price is back this week with a new daily show on LiSTNR
Anthony The Koala
6 April 2021 - 8:33am
As at 0829, 06-04-2021 on 107.9MHz, I was expecting to hear the AFTRS's "Show Radio".

While the signal could be picked up from Belfield, all I heard was the music of Marcel Marceau. I don't believe he is a "Country Music" artist.

According to the AFTRS, the station is on the air between 0700-1800, https://www.aftrs.edu.au/news/2021/aftrs-graduate-diploma-in-radio-students-are-live-on-the-air-for-show-radio/ .

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
AFTRS at the Show
Neil Docherty
1 April 2021 - 8:48am
I started reading and was thinking this sounds a great idea, perhaps to replace conversation hour, then I realised I had been reading the first of many April fool's day pranks.....great work to the creators of such an event.....this surely deserves a gold star ⭐ Breaking: Ita soon to be back on air at Aunty


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