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Anthony The Koala
13 September 2018 - 4:01pm
I fully understand moving ABC-fm to DAB+. If you know the technical history of ABC-fm since its inception in 1976, you will understand that ABC-fm has always been digital. When ABC-fm started from Collinswood Adelaide in 1976, its signal was converted to pulse code modulation ('PCM') and distributed via Telecom's (formerly the PMG currently Telstra) trunk lines throughout Australia. I would assume that ABC-fm's signal which now originates from Sydney is distributed digitally to its transmitters via satellite. So changing from VHF fm to VHF dab should not cause a denigration of signal quality. This is provided that the bit rates on DAB remain high. Currently ABC-fm on DAB is 70kbs which is below 2CH (Sydney) on 128kbs.

If the ABC-fm VHF frequency is vacated for metropolitan radio, it should weight the costs of running its MW transmitters versus its VHF transmitters and the amount of CO2 produced by its MW and VHF transmitters.

Anthony of exciting Belfield
We still live in a great age for Radio… Digital era a chance to take greater risks: ABC’s Michael Mason
12 September 2018 - 1:41pm
Why no mention of DAB+?
Sure there are limitations with ABC Local radio being on AM but that is largely an issue in the metro areas (ABC Local is already on FM in many regional areas). In metro areas ABC Local is on DAB+ so surely they should, I dunno, actually PROMOTE IT!!
Seems to me they're building a case to switch off ABC Classic FM and move that entirely to online or DAB+ so they can put the metro ABC Local stations on FM in the cities. That's fine if that's what they want to do. In the regional areas they could put ABC Country on FM in place of ABC Classic FM. Personally I'd prefer Double J on FM in both metro and regional areas.
We still live in a great age for Radio… Digital era a chance to take greater risks: ABC’s Michael Mason
Des DeCean
12 September 2018 - 5:05am
When appraising ABC listenership on AM radio services such as local radio and radio National there will be a percentage of listeners that have moved from listening to these services on AM to listening to those same services on DAB+. This is generally due to the clearer sound which suits many older people with declining hearing - but also offers great benefits where man made noise and interference particularly in Melbourne with trams, render AM reception almost useless in some suburban areas and more often in cars. So the ABC audience for Local radio and Radio National and News radio might have declining numbers on AM - but increasing numbers on Digital as listeners become aware of the superior sound quality and reception available for those same services. The ABC could do its self and its listeners a favour by more heavily promoting DAB+ for all the reasons mentioned above. We still live in a great age for Radio… Digital era a chance to take greater risks: ABC’s Michael Mason
Darren Moss
11 September 2018 - 5:03am
What an amazing life experience Steve and his family have had, not only in radio but culturally. Building the “The World’s Best Radio Network” in Dubai
Steve Owens
10 September 2018 - 6:11am
What a great article. It shows how Aussies can be so successful, they become world leaders in their chosen industries. Congratulations Steve Smith on a job well done. Building the “The World’s Best Radio Network” in Dubai
Anthony The Koala
28 August 2018 - 10:04am
This is about the ratings for MSR. It appears that the ratings for 4BH (882kHz) are not a statistical blip from the previous survey. It has stablised at 1. Sydney's 2UE (954kHz) has fallen to its lowest at 0.6. 3EE's (formerly 3XY at 1278kHz) remains constant at 0.3.

Yet despite this, given that the breakfast program leads the rest of the day, it is too early to tell if the new breakfast program has or will have a more positive ratings figure.

Whether News Talk, Talking Lifestyle or Sports, it is a labour-intensive format. The other effect to which I don't have access to detailed information is that of the introduction of SEN+ (3MP, 1377kHz), It is not listed in the ratings. But whatever audience measurement technique, if there is market support for SEN+, then it should be on air for a long time. However for MSR, if the ratings continue to be so low, then MSR as a self-sustaining going concern may augur a more affordable format. Again you have to ask whatever format, will the returns in revenue be positive and profitable.

Anthony of exciting Belfield
Radio ratings survey 5: Leadership spill in Brisbane
Manoj VTION Dawane
27 August 2018 - 1:13pm
Dear Peter,

Valid observations on the Paper Diary Method of measuring Radio Audiences and why the system has ruled roost for several decades even in the 21st century. Humble submission is that there are many parts of the world where Radio listenership has shifted to smartphones (not internet radio, but actual FM Broadcast Radio as FM Tuners are prefitted into a large majority of Android Smartphones). In India, it is as high as 89% (according to a survey by Nielsen in March 2018) on mobiles. It is the same in the case of Latin America and Middle East as well. In this light, we are glad to announce that our company (VTION) has developed a unique solution to measure Radio Listenership in Real Time on Smartphones and have launched it formally in earlier in the year. Will be more than glad to offer you a demo for your perusal and comments.


Why radio surveys still use paper diaries
Professionalism, please!
23 August 2018 - 11:25pm
Sorry, but what planet is this Station Manager on? The number of missed plays in a short period is irrelevant, but the Trumpian attitude of divisiveness and implied hatred of the West that the Sunshine Coast listener may seize on has no place on radio, here or anywhere! If our media takes the same road as FOX in the USA instead of educating the audience about inclusiveness and the concept of sporting fairness and brotherhood it will be a slippery slope to the mess over there. #Dumbest.Idea.Ever Perth music banned on Hot 91.1 Sunshine Coast
Blue Trane
23 August 2018 - 3:17pm
Moronic. Redneck. Perth music banned on Hot 91.1 Sunshine Coast
Eugene Delargy
21 August 2018 - 6:20pm
"forgotten more than most know", sound familiar? Yes, we have heard Ray use that phrase before.

It's a phrase Ray infamously brought to prominence in 2004 with his high profile hissy fit at the Athens Olympics against successful news director, Justin Kelly.

Within Ray's verbal blast at fellow staff member Justin, he managed 21 mentions of the F word among other profanities in 91 seconds along with that phrase.
Ron Camplin’s forgotten more than most know about the industry’


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