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Eugene Delargy
6 August 2018 - 10:23am
Another ill considered decision from SCA. By their own making, erasing decades of brand value and goodwill from two large, competitive markets.

The Triple M brand we know began in the 80's, based on male skewed rock format stations in four eastern major metro markets.

KO and TO both began in 1931, dominant stations in both markets and with huge brand recognition.

Being smaller markets, neither station runs a metro Triple M format. There is the failure of erasing decades of brand value for a name that doesn't match the format, audience or type of station in Newcastle or Townsville.

SCA have their head in the sand, they have no choice but to back their silly decision. Locals and clients in markets that have already lost their local brand look at it with mirth and scepticism. As a shareholder, I'm disgusted.

It may be attractive to beancounters in Sydney and Melbourne and agencies who employ incompetent staff who don't understand what regional station fits their sell; this doesn't mean local brands should be erased.

One thing's for certain, Pricey has seen many an owner and management come and go with many a hare brained idea. Can only hope his career outlives SCA's poor custodianship of 4TO.
Dates set for Triple M rebrand in Newcastle and Townsville
6 August 2018 - 9:17am
Sooo, Ali will be hosting this Victorian/Melbourne show from Sydney??
That’s disappointing.
Ali Moore fills in as Jon Faine takes extended leave
3 August 2018 - 8:09am
Congratulations Ron. I always appreciated your advice encouragement when I first started in radio with 2WS at the beginning. Keep on rockin' !!!
John Eller
Ron celebrates 70 Rockin' years in radio
Anthony The Koala
30 July 2018 - 10:06am
I start by remarking that Kyle would fit the classic definition of a "shock jock" as a person who makes outrageous statements or confronts colleagues about their personal lives. His presentations "....pushes the envelope..." (Wikipedia, definition "shock jock") and attracts attention for his market. Attracting listeners is attracting an audience which is attracting advertising revenue. In contrast I would not regard the current presenters at 2GB as "shock jocks", especially those who have a passion for current social and economic issues on energy, the economy, population growth and debt, to name a few. Those issues are a concern for all Australians and 2GB acts as an advocate for the audience's concerns. Whether 2GB's presenters have reformed or influenced public policy is beyond the scope of this essay.

Kyle could well be suited for a news talk format. His energies would have to be directed at informing and entertaining an audience instead of asking colleagues (male and female newsreaders, say) about their personal lives. The latter would not suit an audience at 2GB. Nevertheless Kyle is street-smart and could well give it to the decision-makers as well as being pleasant. So Kyle could do well on a news talk station.

2GB's success is due to its personalities, leading with Mr Alan Jones then Mr Ray Hadley. There has to be a succession plan one day when neither Mr Jones or Mr Hadley are not available (for whatever reasons) and 2GB relies on the personality of its presenter in order to attract attention and thus listeners.

So if Mr Singleton can accommodate Kyle as reported in this article, I would put Kyle in Mr Hadley's position. Mr Hadley can be confronting to a decision-maker who does wrong as well as being compassionate when it is deserved. Kyle would definitely fit the morning shift. He's have to keep up with current political and economic events. I can see him also having a show-business segment. But I don't think the music played on KIIS (formerly Mix106.5, formerly 2UW, but its callsign is 2UFM (ACMA)) is suited to 2GB.

In addition, I would say that 2GB cannot rely on Kyle alone. Kyle's program would have to have a large team of producers and researchers. Included in that would be a team of musicians who could perform songs based on well-known tunes and political satire. Similar to the Robertson Brothers on Mr Hadley's program and similar to Mojo singing on Mr Laws' program. Kyle's program could also include contributions from Mr Michael Pachi and Mr John Stanley.

Yes, Kyle would be suitable on 2GB on the morning shift.

Anthony of exciting Belfield
Which shift would you give Kyle Sandllands on 2GB?
30 July 2018 - 8:42am
I think it would be great for Vile to head to 2GB. Might give 2UE/Talking Lifestyle/Talking Sport (stay tuned for next week's format) a chance with the listeners switching off..... Which shift would you give Kyle Sandllands on 2GB?
Secret Squid
28 July 2018 - 3:35pm
They should hand back the licence to ACMA and be done with it. Waste of spectrum and electricity. Beau Ryan: first casualty of Macquarie Sports Radio
Anthony The Koala
27 July 2018 - 10:44pm
I have glanced at the "full report". There was one question of how much do you use the smart speaker to listen to music and another question on listening to traditional am/fm stations via the speaker. Four points I wish to raise.
(1) Listening to music could mean listening to a subscription type IP service such as Spotify or other streaming service. Listening to music could also mean listening to a streaming radio station. There is not enough information to say whether listening to music on the smart speaker was exclusively about listening to non-radio stations or whether listening to music included listening to music am/fm stations.
(2) The question of listening to traditional am/fm stations does not state how much is spent listening to music or news talk or sports talk.
(3) The survey did not address the amount of time listening to traditional am/fm radio via the smart speaker is the same time spent on actual am or fm radio prior to IP streaming or listening to the speaker. In other words, despite changing from traditional radio receivers to smart speakers, are the radio listening habits the same or different?
(4) You could also ask whether listening to traditional am or fm stations via the smart speaker included listening to radio stations outside the listener's market area. For example, is a person in Sydney who is listening to a smart speaker, listening to 2GB or News Talk KABC 790 Los Angeles, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FZT8ZNK ? In other words, the survey does not address the question that listening to radio is increasing time spent to other stations outside the the listener's traditional am/fm market area.

Just a couple of thoughts,
Anthony from exciting Belfield
43 million Americans own a smart speaker
Steve Ahern
26 July 2018 - 6:05am
I remember hiring Tim.
I went to see a few shortlisted people to check them out. Some took me to lunch, some stopped work to tell me how good they were. But Tim kept working, taking calls, juggling his production schedule and, in between, talking to me about the job.
I thought, this is the guy I want. What a work ethic!
Congratulations on your great career and your retirement Tim. Enjoy whatever comes next.
ABC sports legend Tim Gavel announces retirement
Anthony The Koala
24 July 2018 - 11:35pm
Two points:
* I hope that there is redundancy and backups in the planned computer systems in order to reduce the risk of any power downturns or any inability to retrieve and/or store and/or erase program/data material.
* Though not mentioned in the article, that the ABC keep well-maintained analogue 1", 2" (quad) and betamax (std definition broadcast quality) video machines, 16mm and 35mm telecine as well as analogue audio machines to transfer archival material to the new computer system.

There is a lot of important ABC history pre-digital (1990s), pre-2001, pre-dcart (early 1990s) that needs to be preserved and not lost forever.

Anthony of exciting Belfield
ABC Chairman Justin Milne reveals plan for vast digital database
20 July 2018 - 7:21am
Well done Jono. You are in the best hands. Prof. Stricker is my specialist. Expert also in the nano-knife procedure for dealing with tumours. Jono Coleman reveals cancer battle


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