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Peter Lewis
9 September 2019 - 8:54am
So this is the same network that was prepared to hire Alan Jones if he wasn't signed by 2GB?? Radio talk presenter 'Sacked for Conservative Commentary'
Des DeCean
9 September 2019 - 6:28am
Regardless of who was right and who was wrong - for the spokesman to be telling Dean about his loss of airshift via the phone is pretty poor management form in my view! Radio talk presenter 'Sacked for Conservative Commentary'
Anthony The Koala
8 September 2019 - 3:09am
The market for soundbars has existed since the introduction of flat-screen TVs. The reason was that before flat-screen TVs, larger speakers could be included in the design of the TV. For sure speakers today can reproduce high frequency sounds clearly. Listen to music through the tiny speakers of one's mobile phone. Great for high frequency response,but poor for bass. Very few flat-screen TVs have a 0.1 (bass or LFE channel) speaker.

While soundbars have a greater bass response, soundbars with multi-channel sounds are a good substitute for the real multi-speaker system especially in a confined space Even when soundbars are available with multichannel virtual 5.1-channels, Dolby Atmos and DTS-X they will never replace the sound of a multiple speaker arrangement.

Having said that, soundbars with wifi and bluetooth capability are not new, for example the Sony HTRT5 5.1 Ch.

It is a natural extension for the soundbar to incorporate a DAB+ and FM radio. But it seems unfair that most DAB+ receivers do not have an AM receiver and this is no exception.

So if one does not have DAB+ with simulcasted AM broadcasts, that is not satisfactory. As I mentioned elsewhere, the sound quality of AM can rival FM, but most AM IF (intermediate frequency, usually 455kHz or 450kHz and occasionally 469kHz eg Panasonic RXED50) sections have bandwidths of 3.5kHz (7kHz DSB). Even if AM stereo is passe, a mono signal can be "virtualized" into multichannels by the soundbar's processor.

In sum, soundbars have a greater bass sound than the speakers contained in flat screen TVs. Virtual multi-channel sound is produced by the soundbar's processor. While soundbars won't replace an actual multi-speaker system, they are great where one is confined for space or does not want to spend on a multi-speaker system. Soundbars with WiFi and Bluetooth are already on the market.

It is great that one does not need to switch on the TV in order to use the soundbar.Today's story about incorporating DAB+ and FM is new. However it does not incorporate AM radio services, especially where DAB+ is not available.

Thank you,
Anthony of super exciting Belfield

Smart soundbars are coming
Disgruntled dab+ consumer
6 September 2019 - 4:44pm
If only our country could get dab+ right and not be controlled by a lobby group only controlling the ensembles for their own interest The Swiss are on target to turn off FM by 2024
Anthony The Koala
5 September 2019 - 12:47pm
Hughesy "...is it true that one of them sold his shares to buy a diamond...engagement ring for his girlfriend..." who According to Ms Allis are "...together....", "....the most expensive engagement ring in Australia....", according to Hughesy.

This is the risk of being involved in early stage investment where one of the initial shareholders needed to redeem those shares to buy a ring.

There is the risk that the business may not work or the chance that the extent of the initial value of the shares should significantly 'boost', excuse the pun.

But then, "....you can't put a price on love..."

Anthony of exciting Belfield
Boost Juice share sale cost $18 million: Janine Allis tells Hughesy and Kate
Anthony The Koala
4 September 2019 - 11:42am
The author's link to "a few examples" shows pictures currently transmitted by DAB+. Similarly DRM+ has the capability of sending text and pictures. They are examples of pushing (one way) communication and no interaction. I have illustrated elsewhere on this site the necessity for such information to be up-to-date and whether the broadcaster is willing to provide such textual and graphic services. It may be fine for weather and music information as per example photos because such a service can be automated.

I gave the analogy of the Seven Network abandoning its Teletext service 20 years ago because people can use the web.

Then there's the situation where most DAB+ radio units do not have a graphic display. Even basic DRM receivers don't have graphics.

The idea of user interaction of downloading a product or podcast or purchasing a product or podcast or a hyperlink to a website connotes that DAB+ and DRM receivers: (i) have to have software at the tx and rx updated to permit embedded 'html' or 'php' or 'jsp' pages and hyperlinks and (ii) the DAB+ and DRM receiver be connected to the internet via a 'cable' or part of a 3G/4G/5G internet service.

I can see a quirk with graphically-enhanced and embedded-link-enhanced if such technology is available on a mobile phone. It would be totally useless to transmit QR codes if your source of broadcast is on your mobile phone and you cannot take a photo of the QR code with the mobile phone's camera.

Just a thought,

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield.
Visually augmented audio - is it our future?
Anthony The Koala
4 September 2019 - 11:22am
I noticed this morning 04-09-2019 that the ABC has included metropolitan (eg ABC702 (2BL)), RN, JJJ, Kids radio, News Radio and Grandstand as part of its digital TV bouquet.

Anthony of dynamic Belfield
The Swiss are on target to turn off FM by 2024
Anthony The Koala
31 August 2019 - 7:58am
Dear StJohn,
In the last paragraph, where you refer to "Software Designed Radio", did you mean "Software Defined Radio" ('SDR') where the demodulation of the signal whether AM, FM, DAB+ or DRM is carried out by software instead of physical components?
Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Defending the car dashboard #RDAsia19
30 August 2019 - 8:17pm
I agree.
Remember however a lot of this problem is coming from the USA's Hybrid Digital radio.
Program stream identification is by frequency and by stream eg. ###.# FM HD4 as an example. There is also a delay after tuning the analog signal before the digital selection is available. HD Radio also has a tiny allocation for metadata for a station logo.

Where as with our DAB+ for capital cites and the wide area DRM, they both tune the radio by program stream name not frequency and have much greater ability to transmit images including logos.
The streamers don't use transmission frequencies so on digital radio we should not neither and we don't need to (Unlike the USA). Names are more easily remembered than numbers.

Remember that radio reception is more reliable than using wireless streaming as vehicles drive around particularly in the country. DAB+ & DRM receivers can use the Alternate Frequency Table lists the frequency and modulation by each broadcaster and if it is also transmitted on FM's radio data service and on AM, AMSS, receivers can select the best signal for that broadcaster as the receiver is driven around.

This much higher reliability means that the opening screen of all vehicles should contain a list of available radio programs and a radio button when streaming is selected. In addition the infotainment systems capable of DAB+, DRM, FM and AM, which can be easily achieved using Software Designed Radio designs so that live program can be heard anywhere.
Defending the car dashboard #RDAsia19
27 August 2019 - 2:15pm
Peter your article would have been better in my opinion if you'd just started at "Here's the thing." That's the six pertinent paragraphs at the end.

Your article is factually inaccurate and to be honest, feels a bit like you're sitting on the fence and don't know which side you really want to take. Either that or you're just trying to present a balanced view on a subject you don't truly understand.

I'm unsure if it was deliberate on your part naming Sleeping Giants Oz as the group who spearheaded the campaign instead of the actual group that did, the Mad Fucking Witches.

For a balanced article, I suggest you try to keep things simpler. Example, "an orchestrated campaign by his detractors" instead of 'an orchestrated campaign by consumers using their free speech.'

I have to add that this comment worries me a bit, "All of a sudden, the 100 year old business model: Audience = Advertisers = Revenue, is broken and in need of repair." So many questions. Is that in more need of repair than a country losing at least one woman to domestic violence at least each week?

Do you even understand that Alan suggesting that our Prime Minister backhand a powerful leader of another country who also happens to be a woman, affects how men think about women and domestic violence?

It's not broken really, isn't it in fact working perfectly fine, or are consumers not allowed to use their free speech like a radio announcer is?

"Imagine, if you will, the prospect of a breakfast show that has the largest audience in Sydney but is boycotted by advertisers and is thus starved of revenue."

At the time of writing, no less than 68 of an alleged 108 advertisers have agreed to remove their advertising from Alan Jones' program. A lot of them were in fact unaware they were being advertised on his show. All of them agree to something along the lines of 'Our company doe not support the views expressed by Mr Jones and will no longer support his show.' Yes I can safely say I can imagine Alan's show being starved of revenue and it doesn't worry me. Not in the slightest. Starved LOL Great word, but it's Alan starving himself.

You flop back after this, "Jones did what he's done in the past, backhand apology and suddenly you appear to be on the side of the 'detractors'.

You and Alan himself can't seem to grasp that Alan Jones did this to Alan Jones. It is fair, democratic. There are groups opposing the campaign also, they can use their free speech too.

People need to stop thinking free speech means you're free from any consequences, this is not what 'free speech' entitles you to. If you speak and there's a consequence, free speech laws do not protect anyone from this. Not even in the USA where they actually have entrenched free speech into their constitution.

Alan clearly has issues when it comes to women, mostly powerful women who don't have the same opinions as he does and he's not above making comments supporting physical violence against them. Quite simply Alan is a toxic person and is trying to blame others for the situation he has found him in when it's his own dumb fault. It's a joke that anyone thinks HIS rights are being impinged on. Not laughing though!

Most of your article didn't match the last six paragraphs. Yup, should have just kept them in my opinion.

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