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Anthony The Koala
13 January 2020 - 7:21pm
Following the article at https://radioinfo.com.au/news/its-now-john-paul-2gb-weekends, I may be well be right that Paul B Kidd will not be with Chris Smith on weekends either 0900-1400 (non-NRL season) or 0900-1300 (NRL season).

While I WAS WRONG to say that Paul B Kidd will not return to 2GB, Paul B Kidd's return to 2GB with John Stanley will only be until the start of the NRL season. What happens after the NRL season remains to be heard.

I still hold that irrespective of the presenter's talents (as at 13-01-2020) on the Monday-Friday 1200-1500 shift does not produce the ratings within a few months, Chris Smith will replace the incumbent as he was a proven market leader for the timeslot.

HOWEVER, if the new presenter does produce the ratings by becoming the market leader then management should learn from the pre-Tom Malone management days to NOT FIX SOMETHING THAT IS NOT BROKEN.

Thank you,
Anthony from frank-and-sensible Belfield
Chris Smith set to return to 2GB
13 January 2020 - 10:23am
Surprise, surprise! Channel 9 take over with their Labor leaning stance (Chris Uhlman, Sydney Morning Herald) and the lesser lights at the station who were more conservative are gone.
George Moore just spoke plain old common sense.
They can't get rid of everybody but watch out to see if Alan Jones and Ray Hadley don't tone down their opinions.
What made this station great was that they cut thru' the b.s. and political correctness crap which is foisted upon the populace by lefties and un-elected beaurocrats who continually try to 'legitimise' their jobs.
Good luck!
George Moore quits MacRadio
Anthony Bollea
12 January 2020 - 6:37pm
Any chance of a radio network employing presenters who are intelligent or engaging? This McLaren bloke just reads out news articles and adds nothing of substance to any of them. Just loves the sound of his own voice and treating callers with contempt. Where oh where are you Brian Wilshire? His intelligent voice is needed now more than ever, not his rapidly ageing former panel op. Nine Radio goes national overnight
11 January 2020 - 11:33am
Tom Malone is in the building. Hahahaha. Good luck Nine Radio goes national overnight
Anthony The Koala
9 January 2020 - 7:00pm
I fully concur with StJohn.
I would like to make a few remarks.

On communicating using IP. I fully agree that communications relying on smart-speakers, web browsing and the use of social media may not work if the internet is not-functioning or not available. This includes landline services relying on the NBN in which the NBN's communications system relies on IP communication. Yes, your landline phone may well rely on an IP-based communications in between source and destination.

I fully agree that if if IP networks are down especially mobile phone networks carrying IP communication that it is totally useless for the ABC radio station to refer to those users. Therefore the ABC should read the information over-the-air that is on the social media platforms and not 'fob' off people to social media. This is especially for those not receiving IP through the landline via the NBN and through mobile networks carrying IP. Let's not forget the elderly and disabled or those who may not be computer literate.

Importantly to consider is whether the link between the tx site and studio is IP based, the radio station may well be out-of-order if the local area's IP system is out-of-order. Perhaps consider using a satellite link between studio and tx site.

On DRM. I have been reading StJohn's mission to converting all radio stations to DRM on this webpage and I have seen his submission to the ACMA. We await the results of the ACMA's determination on all the submissions.

We know the advantages of DRM having wider territorial coverage, reducing power consumption as compared to AM especially and FM transmissions.

The further advantage of DRM is to be able to send textual information and HTML-type/style formatted text for graphical display on a DRM receiver. StJohn's reply mentions a feature of DRM to communicate with GPS units in cars.

Updating the car's GPS system with information on road blockages may well be a boon to drivers wanting to know how to manage their journey.

The important word is 'updating'. I presume there is a person handling information on road blockages at the radio station to update the DRM-GPS information when roads are clear to drive.

Country broadcasters should consider using DRM. I agree with StJohn and an engineer from a rural radio station who wrote to this webpage regarding implementing DRM.

However, there are little or no DRM receivers. AM radio stations have been converting to FM not DRM because AM/FM receivers are ubiquitous. Even relay stations of the 'founding' AM stations are FM. Not DRM. I doubt that with 2XL's recent conversion from AM (918kHz) to FM (96.1MHz) the local electrical store is selling DRM receivers.

Note: I did check a well known national brand of electrical retailer in the Cooma area and all receivers were AM/FM, not DRM as at 9-01-2020.

When digital TV was mandated in 1998 and implemented in 2001 (NB I have written about this elsewhere on this webpage), there was to be a simulcast of the new digital service and old analogue service for a few years until a certain analogue service cutoff date.

Consequently the same simulcast of digital and analogue signals for radio broadcasting could be mandated with a complete switch off analogue.

But we await the decision of the ACMA in light of the submissions in regards the future use of the broadcast spectrum in the MW, SW and VHF bands.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Fires hit ABC Radio's Batemans Bay transmitter
9 January 2020 - 1:08pm
Who moves to mornings now? Tim Webster moves onto breakfast at 2CH
9 January 2020 - 11:52am
No doubt, DRM is the practical way of he future for regional radio. In the mean time and reference the lack of AM radios these days, I was in the Aussie Storm Shop in Beaudesert Q, this week. They have these beaut AM/FM small, easily carried radios, canary yellow, so you should't misplace them. They have battery power, solar panels and a winder on the back which drives an internal generator (similar to the ones designed for African countries where many areas do not have mains power). They are <50 bucks! Fires hit ABC Radio's Batemans Bay transmitter
9 January 2020 - 2:37am
It is great to see this co-operation to keep the public informed.

The ABC local radio on that site is on FM, however in Bega it is AM.
AM radios which are not in cars are becoming hard to find.

There was also failures of fixed wireless NBN and mobile phones. Along with FM transmitters they are all located at the highest altitude in the area to maximise coverage area, but because hot air rises they are a target for fires along with the power line supplying the site.

Remember also that the spread of smart speakers will also stop working because there is no internet to supply the signal.

The advantage of radio is that virtually all vehicles have them, along with a large capacity battery as compared to mobile phones.

The ABC should stop advertising to use facebook and the emergency services websites which are not accessible in fires and cyclones.

Country broadcasters should consider converting to DRM so that their signal will cover large areas and has an emergency warning system. It wakes up the radio, increases the volume and announces the message even if the radio is tuned to another program. It will also show a map of the affected area and an indexed multipage text instructions using Journaline and even for cars the TPEG to reprogram GPS around blocked roads. The disaster area can be defined and only radios within that area will respond to the EWS messages. In city areas, the existing DAB+ transmissions can include the EWS messages etc.
Fires hit ABC Radio's Batemans Bay transmitter
6 January 2020 - 3:17pm
9News a trusted household name? Is it the 1st of April today? Macquarie Media is gone, replaced by Nine Radio
5 January 2020 - 4:02pm
Yes what a monumental stuff up that was trying to move Chris from Afternoons. Just shows how stupid 'management' really is.

Good to know he's coming back after telling them where to stick their offer ... and nice to see him on Sky too. But a more casual style would be better ... lose the tie and suit!

As for Steve Price ... who cares!
Chris Smith set to return to 2GB


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