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Anthony The Koala
3 September 2020 - 4:05am
Most DAB+ receivers have been marketed in Australia with only two lines at most of a graphical display consisting of the station ID, date/time, signal strength and scrolling text. The latter scrolls information such as song information, weather and news information and promotional info about the radio station's talkback.

Scrolling text for news is quite slow and limited to short 'teasers' to the main news bulletinhe. Other than that, I find it very hard to monetise scrolling text. On Toyota's infotainment system, the text information is not displaying fully.

It is true that the DAB+ system can display graphical information. It is also true that the DAB+ system is capable of displaying EPG (program guide) and TEPG (for traffic reports).

I don't believe that introducing a more sophisticated display unit is warranted in cars. It may be of benefit to passengers. For the driver, unless the information on the radio assists in driving, such a rich graphical display will take the driver's attention away from concentrating on the road. It is similar to the road rules preventing the DVD player from running while the car is in operation.

In sum, the driver must concentrate on the road such not to be distracted by the rich graphical capabilities of a car infotainment system's DAB+.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
WorldDAB urges broadcasters to prioritise the visual radio experience in the car
Anthony The Koala
2 September 2020 - 4:47am
While we are not evidence-based AHPRA-registered mental health specialists, in the same way as a first aid officer treats medical injuries, this article is the "mental first aid" for the person.

In the fourth paragraph, people's mental welfare have been affected by the great conflagration of 2019/2019, the virus, not being able to socialise and the loss of employment. It also includes being bullied in the workplace, at school or online by the sociopathic keyboard cowards hiding behind social media who enjoy maiming.

Even when fully employed, some professions may have a greater proportion of people suffering depression such as those in the legal, dental, veterinary and medical professions than the rest of the community. I recall while studying law, students were made aware about the high frequency of lawyers with mental illness.

Reading history, from the depression of the 1890s in Melbourne, the Great Depression, the "recession we had to have", the GFC had an enormous effect on the mental health of people. The same could be said today, this time it's a medically-induced economic downturn.

At the beginning of 2020, when the virus arrived in Sydney's North Western suburb of Eastwood economic activity in the business was reported as significantly down. The lockdowns started with the people long before government-sanctioned lockdowns.

So it's not a matter that if we relax the borders and other lockdown measures that economic activity will miraculously increase. People aren't behaving properly at keeping least social distances even during lockdown!

It follows that whether we have economic activity downturns by markets such as the GFC or a medically induced downturn in economic activity by people being pro-active or by government health orders, there will be loss of employment due to a decline in economic activity.

What follows is the inevitable effects on a person's mental health by loss of employment and not being able to socially interact at work and at social gatherings.

Therefore, whenever there is a downturn in the economy, it follows that there are mental health issues. In my opinion, more resources are needed for mental health and that society whether in reality or by perception don't stigmatize people with mental health issues.

Long before the pandemic, in 2013, Australian Of The Year, Prof. Peter McGorry, said that "..."People are finally realising mental health is one of the hidden .. really big ticket public health items and it's been neglected seriously until just about now..." source https://www.sbs.com.au/news/mental-health-campaigner-wins-australian-of-the-year

Now is the time for increase in mental health resources and especially for the inevitable cyclic downturns in the economy.

For those experience issues, contact by phone, Lifeline 13-11-14, Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 or a doctor.

Thank you,
Redundancies, job cutbacks: There’s more to say after R U OK?
Anthony The Koala
31 August 2020 - 9:57pm
This opinion could have been written about any of those made redundant at the ABC whether it's Ms Ho, Mr Cavanagh, Mr Geoghagen, Ms Alberici or many other people from the newsrooms of the ABC. I can also say the same about the letting go of news people from Network 10.

I will say this, post news of redundancies as at 31-08-2020. Watching the Network 10's "News" and ABC24's broadcasts, why were there new faces as reporters on the air a week after the redundancies? Sure the reporters that I have seen on air were not the same roles as those made redundant. It is also true that some did not want to accept deployment to other areas of the business as Ms Alberici said that she always wanted to be a reporter rather than a presenter behind the desk. We could also say that Ms Eleanor Hall always wanted to pursue art classes.

Yet you wonder whether other staff that were let go were given the chance to deploy to other areas of the news business. Why were new faces appearing on air?

It reminds me when Network 10 reduced its newsroom staff a few years ago. Yet we saw new faces.

In addition I still see advertisements recruiting for roles in the ABC post news of 250+ staff being made redundant.

Something does not "add up" when staff are being made redundant, yet new faces appear on the air. Yes the roles may be different yet we don't know whether the redundant staff were willing to and/or given the opportunity to redeploy.

It's not new in the media. I recall towards the end of my degree being invited to apply for a graduate position at a "big 4" accounting firm. YET I read that at the same time, that the particular "big 4" accounting firm was letting go of staff. With my contact, the 'let go' staff were escorted by security guards.

In sum, I don't believe the propaganda of staff being let go as if the roles are not replaced or the remaining staff being asked to do more with less. It may be true for the latter, BUT I don't believe it when an organisation announces redundancies then recruits for staff at the same time. That includes the ABC.

Thank you,
Anthony of upset Belfield
Michael Cavanagh: beginning the next chapter after ABC redundancy
30 August 2020 - 10:12pm
I was just recently chatting with a friend and she asked me how I became interested in radio and it was at that point that I remembered the name Sims that was back in the late 80s early 90s where I attended several courses in relation to radio broadcast announcing and it was the greatest times of my life I had so much fun learning how to create advertisements and Reading news, I I was only in my late teens at that point and I remember him saying if you tried you could be even better he was a lovely bloke and he gave me the most amazing memories to look back on Vale Lee Sims
29 August 2020 - 1:20pm
Excellent to have this information available in languages other than English. Your mother tongue is usually your best language and many Australians have a language other than English as their mother tongue. Well done SBS Radio. Constantly evolving and discovering: SBS Radio's approach to the pandemic
28 August 2020 - 5:59pm
All the best, Andrea. Your voice for the voiceless will be missed at the ABC, though I hope you won't stop encouraging them to be better, from outside the tent. Farewell ABC, my main squeeze: Andrea Ho takes redundancy
Greg Henry
28 August 2020 - 7:39am
I wish her all the best and ABC radio has lost a great talent right here. The job she did in Tamworth was nothing short of exceptional and she always called us every morning when I was at 2MO/GGG Gunnedah for the temperature and a chat. One of the most pleasant people I've come across in my 25 odd years of broadcasting Farewell ABC, my main squeeze: Andrea Ho takes redundancy
Krazy Kevin
27 August 2020 - 4:00pm
Hi Richard i totally with your words...will it get back to local once the Pandemic finishes (if ever!!)...thank goodness i work for a Local one person Radio station with no dictates from anywhere else!!
SCA's Dave Cameron answers our questions about the axeing of local breakfast shows
Ian Kelly
27 August 2020 - 8:24am
Well done Michael. Had great times working next door to you in the Press Gallery. BTW, don't underestimate the thrill of doing bugger-all, It works for me! Michael Cavanagh: beginning the next chapter after ABC redundancy
Mike Jacobson
26 August 2020 - 11:53pm
While Jackie's cooling her heels, she might like to wash her potty mouth with soap and water.

Oh for a return to the days when uttering that obscenity on-air would terminate a presenter's career in an instant.

Pity her daughter.
Jackie O's life is f***ed


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