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Rob 'Bear' Kidd

Music Director
Star 101.9 FM Mackay

The Story So Far... Born in May just after 1967, Rob "Bear" Kidd knew what he wanted to do when he grew up, unfortunately he came to the realisation that driving a big red fire truck for the rest of his natural life would bore the living hell out of him, as such, he had to look for alternatives. He was born in Maclean NSW, and has since grown up (a bit). Bear got into radio back in '94 at 4CRM Community station in Mackay North Queensland. This gave him a taste of instant coffee and how to use a CD player over and over and over and over and over. Deciding to hone his skills and aiming to become a TOP GUN he applied for radio school in Sydney in '96. The radio school AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School) accepts only 12 places each year, of which they only had 11, so they needed one more to make up the 12 and he was it! After hours of practicing which buttons to press and how to throw to the news, he was thrown into the big wide world of real radio with the advice to ‘take care out there’. His first gig was at 4BU Bundaberg QLD. He lasted 4 months, but the boss thought he was just too good for country radio, and asked him to leave. It was nice of him to escort Bear out of the building. He still doesn’t know to this day why there was a security guard present, but we could ponder that for hours…..moving on…. His next visit was to 4CC Gladstone QLD. He was there doing commercials, music scheduling, and on air for a whopping 10 months until he was transferred to Mackay…… without any security guards. 4MK was his next stop for a few years doing commercials and a morning gig, then he was packed up and shipped off to Townsville 4TO to head up drive and commercial production and music director. A little later he moved back to Mackay to head up breakfast on 4MK FM for the next 3 years. He took the last year off to book himself into boot camp to work (or worm…either or?) his way out of the sunshine state and down to Melbourne's Triple M where he ‘proudly’ brings you the morning shift and is Assistant Music Director.

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