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Kerrie Firth

Stilletto Media

Swinburne Graduate gone wrong...somehow ended up on the dark side of sales. Everything started out the way it should. Got my first job out of the Swinburne radio course copywriting at K Rock in Geelong. Wrote some commercials, dabbled in promotions, did some on air work, chased some local boys...everything was going fine. Made the move back to the metro market when 3AW offered me a writing job. Still no hint of evil lurking inside me. I was going to a number one rating station, got a fab office, a car park and everyone seemed nice (although somewhat older than I was used to). Settled into the sausage factory that was the AW creative department and spent a good two years churning out 30 second commercials. And then it happened. I stopped thinking all sales reps were painful, and started thinking I might become one! Sales looked so easy, the reps had so much freedom, they all drove nice cars and went on great holidays. So I made the switch. I have now been a rep for nearly 4 years and whilst the job is nowhere near as easy as I thought, it definitely has it's perks and I love what I do. It certainly helps that 3AW is a great place to work. Contrary to popular belief, there is a young team of people lurking behind those grey walls on Bank Street so we have plenty of laughs whilst getting the job done.

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