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Head of Digital, Treeti Consulting

Things change fast, that's the beauty of radio! Previously on breakfast at Life FM Gold Coast, Hot 100 Darwin, then on Breakfast at Mix 104.9 Darwin, then at 7HO FM101.7 in Hobart and now the project lead for the new online and multimedia effort at Grant Broadcasters. I guess it was inevitable. I left IT to work in radio, and now I am working in IT within radio. Since I have Psych degree I should see if I can try to somehow twist a bit of analysis into the job too. As for my Theology degree... well... that might be a challenge. Loving the non-radio radio world, enjoying listening to radio again now that I am not on it. Oh and not missing the "let's pretend that you like girls, ok?" thing that comes with being on-air. It's 2008 people. And looking forward to when my work will be on show to everyone via your local Grant Broadcasters station website!

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