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Good Day Radio Folk... My Name is Ben Jackson, I am a comedian and (like all of you) I love working in radio just as much as Brad loves Angelina - hang on I think they broke up though...well the point is I LOVE RADIO and LIVE RADIO. Having started in a cap city station after a brief stop over in community land, I had a golden entry into my dream job... So after under 12 months in the industry, I have learnt many invaluable lessons as a Music Director/Workday Announcer for Mix 1049 in Darwin and as a Breakfast Host/Content Director for Prime Radio in CQ - and am on the hunt for a new start. I am very passionate and versatile, and am in the process of launching my website and youtube channels...so check them out : http://www.youtube.com/benjacksonify http://benjacksonify.wordpress.com/ or email me at benjacksonify@gmail.com I am currently seeking representation for voice over work and can be hired as MC for Corporate Functions.

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