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Brandon Gordon

4AK 1242

Based in Toowoomba


I have interests in IT, electronics and modern technology which he has had a interest in since being able to use a computer as a young child and has recently started experimenting with projects based on the Raspberry Pi  low cost computer. As a young child he was always known to be pulling battery powered electronics apart to see how and why they worked. His best memory of this was when he was around 8 or 9 years of age with his little black ACME AM/FM broadcast receiver which he pulled apart to see what was inside, how it worked and what he could do to make it work just that little bit better, he unknowingly broke a few wires inside and when he put it back together it never worked again, as at 8 years old he didn't quite know yet how to use a soldiering iron.

My first introduction into the magic of broadcast radio was when he bought a Radio DJ with a Toy World gift voucher he got for Christmas, he spent many hours as a child announcing and broadcasting his favourite music over the airwaves on the FM Broadcast Band which he used to receive back on via his ACME radio mentioned above.


Besides the above, I hold a Standard Class Amateur Radio License with the callsign VK4VIP and is regularly on the HF bands and has a strong interest in Digital Voice modes particularly DSTAR which he uses via his Home Brew Hotspot. Amateur Radio goes hand in hand with the fact that I love to talk particularly about a subject that he feels passionate about.


Updated: 19/3/2018

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