LiSTNR partners with DataCo to assist digital cleanroom strategy

LiSTNR has announced a partnership with DataCo Technologies to enhance its data cleanroom strategy, allow advertisers to integrate their own databases with LiSTNR’s near 2 million first party database toward campaign effectiveness and local safety and privacy compliancy.

DataCo Technologies is an Australian cleanroom solution with access to merchant data from Australia’s leading banks and global financial data providers, It was developed inside the Business Creation Lab of 1835i, the innovation partner with ANZ
Bank, to meet the compliance needs of enterprise collaborations in regulated industries but in a way that makes data collaboration accessible.

LiSTNR chose DataCo’s Cleanroom Data Collaboration Platform as it offers bank grade security and privacy protection, without the technical complexity found in many other solutions in the market. The DataCo cleanroom will enable brands to make use of their own databases in conjunction with LiSTNR’s in a safe and privacy compliant way, that also allows for consumer insights and company innovation. Advertiser data processed through DataCo’s proprietary technology undergoes a one-way
transformation that protects personally identifiable information, preventing any exposure outside the respective organisations.

The resulting data then can be dissected at a segment or spending level, such as which content is listened to by people who spend money on grocery products or if consumers are listening to a particular podcast, and what categories of spend they index highest in, providing a better understanding of the consumers of LiSTNR’s content, as well as their spending habits outside the LiSTNR ecosystem. This enables LiSTNR to better cross promote content, make in app recommendations to users, and recommend content in a way that generate the greatest return on investment.

Uber Eats has already adopted the strategy, offering discounts and promotions to specific audience cohorts with Uber ANZ Director Local Operations, Beth Pondo, saying:

“We offer millions of Australians a highly curated experience on our platform, helping them go anywhere and get anything in the very moment they need. Naturally we’re excited to be working with the LiSTNR Cleanroom in the same way – to use technology to provide listeners with more personally relevant offers.”

SCA Executive Head – LiSTNR Commercial, Olly Newton, said:

“Being able to data match is the highest value property that you can buy in digital audio because it enables ad dollars to work harder. The combination of first party data from LiSTNR, now enhanced with financial data from DataCo and an advertiser’s own data, means brands benefit from enhanced planning insights, greater campaign performance and optimisation capabilities unrivalled by other Australian audio platforms.

LiSTNR is the fastest growing player in the fastest growing media sector of digital audio. The delivery of attributable, effective and engaging campaigns without friction makes LiSTNR a must have component of a media mix.”

The partnership with DataCo follows the launch in April of LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub, an exclusive advertising technology suite of innovations and services. The hub enables increased personalisation and targeting, extensive dynamic creative optimisation, an Australian based customer data platform, ad server and now a range of first party data cleanroom solutions and services. The AdTech Hub has had more 150 new advertisers join the platform in the first four weeks of its launch, and across all advertising categories, demonstrating the strong interest in digital audio and LiSTNR in particular.

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