StreamGuys unveils latest stream monetisation service at NAB Show 2024

StreamGuys will unveil a modernised version of their RevenueStream service at this year’s NAB show.

The platform first hit the market in 2008 to provide radio and television broadcasters with a secure and controlled service to help them monetise their live streams and on-demand media.

This second-gen revamp of RevenueStream introduces a suite of new capabilities, including new subscription management, branding and payment features, along with more flexible monetisation options for all customers. The latter includes metered paywalls, freemium access, membership plans, and donation support, supporting everything from one-time events to recurring subscriptions that support ongoing revenue models.

StreamGuys has natively integrated SGplayer media player with RevenueStream to support these new features, although third-party players can also be integrated behind the paywall. The new subscriber management platform, powered by, aims to help users manage their subscriber lists, membership plans and account renewals, while new customisable integration options aim to help organisations easily visualise their branding elements within SGplayer.

Customers also have the option of adding StreamGuys’ SGcontrol tokenization service to fully lockdown and secure content from being stolen as streams occur. Additionally, RevenueStream has expanded its transactional options, providing consumers with more payment choices while ensuring secure transactions that protect subscriber data.

Eduardo Martinez, VP of Technology at StreamGuys, highlighted the platform’s role in opening up new revenue avenues and supporting diverse subscription models: “We are excited to bring customers in all verticals a modernized service to market that helps them offer more adaptable subscription models, drive audience loyalty and retention, and maintain a steady revenue flow. Furthermore, integration with our other tokenisation and playout ensure our customers can enjoy a proven and reliable streaming ecosystem.”

The NAB Show, where the service will be showcased, runs from April 14-17 in Las Vegas.

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