Casey Kasem body…on the road again

Casey Kasem’s body is said to be on the move, again.
Nearly two months after the radio icon’s death, a private investigator says his widow is making plans to move his body to a second secret location against his children’s wishes.
Logan Clarke, an investigator hired by Kasem’s daughter, Kerri Kasem said: “We have been told by some reliable sources that it’s Norway, but we don’t have a confirmation.”

That move would follow the removal of the late radio host’s body by his widow, Jean Kasem, from a Washington funeral home to Canada in July.
Clarke called Jean “sick” for “hiding” the body after Kerri Kasem went to court in Washington asking for a hold on burial plans pending her request for a second autopsy amid claims of elder abuse.
He said:”She knows there was only one autopsy done, the one that she requested, and she’s hoping that pathologist will say things the way she wants them to be said. She’s now trying to keep the body as far away as possible from the children and any authority figures. She’s trying to torture the kids,” said Clarke.
Casey Kasem’s body is about to top James Brown’s on the mileage front … because TMZ has learned it’s being moved again … this time thousands of miles.”

He said Kasem’s children are hoping the Santa Monica police will step in to prevent the body’s removal.