This is where you can find AM, FM, DAB+ and Temporary radio stations in Australia.

Click on a station from the index, or zoom in to a region to look at the stations available.

Data is sourced from the Australian Broadcast Regulator ACMA.

How to use the map:

To open the index, click the icon at the top left of the map. From here you can also tick or untick to view only FM, or AM, etc.

Use the zoom controls (bottom left) to get a detailed look at the area you want to examine.

Click on the station icon to view full details.


Digital Radio and TCBL stations are not named in the ACMA data, so frequency is shown for TCBLs and Licence number is shown for Digital Stations.

Click on the station icon to get full information on each station

This data map is created by radioinfo, please credit radioinfo and link to this page if using information from this map.