2GB hit by ‘Conflict’

Despite its number one rating, 2GB is reportedly reeling from in fighting, dissent and deteriorating staff morale.

According to Sue Javes in The Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘The Guide’, the dissent has reached the highest levels including John Singleton, Alan Jones and Chief Executive, Angela Clark.

At one stage, rumours swept the building that Clark had left 2GB after a Friday boardroom run in with Singleton. Despite being absent on the Monday – and being spotted in the building at the weekend – Clark was back on deck on the Tuesday, apparently after direct intervention by Jones.

The tension comes only days after the news that Singleton is set to float 2GB and 2CH, with Max Donnelly being brought in to cut costs and prepare everything necessary for the venture (see radioinfo’s earlier stories).

According to the report, the dissent and tension have been fuelled by 2UE’s climb back up the ratings’ ladder this year. With 2UE’s return, 2GB’s monopoly of the talk based advertising dollar is no longer assured, in the face of high overheads.