2UE Shock: Jason Morrison goes

2UE Drive host Jason Morrison is not having his contract renewed for next year at 2UE. And it is likely that Paul Murray will not be returning either.

Morrison who was originally enticed away from 2GB is now leaving without, it seems, a job to go to.

With 2GB running a full complement of talk talent, it is difficult to see a place, at least in Sydney, that can use Morrison’s obvious talent.

Morrison’s departure is on top of major changes at Fairfax Radio’s Brisbane unit with 4BC presenters Gary Hardgrave and Greg Cary as well as 4BH Content Director, Geoff Harrison exiting in the past week.

Meanwhile merger talks between MRN’s 2GB and the Fairfax Radio Network continue fueling speculation that these mass departures may be part of a “clearing the decks” exercise.

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